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Event & Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces set the tone for your event, from wedding receptions and corporate gatherings to more intimate personal parties. Serving as the first visual attraction and the focal point during social interactions, a well-chosen centerpiece sets the right mood for the occasion. The perfect centerpiece not only enhances the decor but can also spark conversation among guests.

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Style & Occasion

Centerpieces play a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance and sparking conversations at various events, from formal galas to personal parties. Reflecting themes, creating grandeur, or adding a festive touch, our vast selection at Events Wholesale caters to all your needs. Serving a wide array of professionals and individuals, such as event planners, interior designers, florists, and individual consumers, our diverse range ensures everyone finds that perfect centerpiece.

Our timeless glass vase centerpieces are perfect for showcasing stunning floral arrangements, feathers, and other creative touches. Complement these with our varied selection of candles and holders, ranging from dainty glass or jewel-studded votive holders to magnificent candelabras.

Elegant Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Our customizable ostrich feather centerpiece kits come with top-grade, reusable ostrich drabs and plumes. These unique centerpieces elegantly tower in narrow fluted eiffel tower vases available in 24" or 28" heights.

For added customization, our wider trumpet vases are paired with color-coordinated water gel beads. Use our floralytes to create truly breathtaking centerpieces.

Realistic Flameless Candles

Choose from our array of worry-free, flameless candles. Designed to mimic the warm glow of traditional candles, our selection includes a variety of shapes and sizes, such as pillars, floating, taper, ball, and votive styles. Create the perfect ambiance for your event without the concern of an open flame.

Bulk Centerpieces at Discounted Prices

At Events Wholesale, we believe in delivering value to our customers on a budget. Save money by purchasing wholesale glass vases and other decor items in bulk. We strive to provide you with bulk discounts, always at the lowest price guaranteed. Make your next event unforgettable with our quality, affordable decor options.

Make a Statement!

Choose from our extensive collection of stunning centerpieces and make a memorable statement at your next event. No matter your style or event, our centerpieces will ensure your event decor stands out, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

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