Wedding Packages

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Looking to create a lasting impression on your special day? Look no further than Events Wholesale. We have you covered from gorgeous, ceremonial arches & columns to beautiful backdrops that will add an extra touch of elegance to make your wedding day simply breathtaking and unforgettable!

Save Time Planning

Our wedding packages are the easiest way to get all the main decorative pieces you need for your big day! Some couples like to hand pick every individual item. That method works, but it can be very, very time consuming. Brides and grooms often find themselves short on time, which is why our full packages are such a great choice! You receive all the components you need to build a spectacular backdrop for your event all with one convenient purchase.

Every wedding package contains a different assortment of themed items. Whether you prefer a sleeker, more modern look or something more classic or traditional, you’ll find a package to match.  Our Complete Wedding Package showcases the beauty of our Roman columns and matching arch. You get multiple sizes that are wonderful for decorating one big space or different areas within your venue.

If you prefer something more modern, try our Complete Wedding Package – Willow Candelabras. This collection favors the shine of metal with angular shapes and beautiful detail. Our teardrop version is similar but with a round arch and tree shaped freestanding candelabras.

Great Investment for Business Owners

Wedding packages are a must-have for event business owners. You can save money and get all the items you need to start serving customers. One investment now can result in great reviews and repeat business later. If you’re a new event industry business, try our Starter Wedding Packages. These come in different sizes so you can find a collection that matches your budget and expectations. Diversify your offerings by combining multiple packages so you can give couples and event organizers more options when decorating.

All of our products are crafted to professional standards and include stunning finishes and accents. These are meant to be used again and again so you get more decorative power for every dollar you spend! Start out with one wedding package then order additional pieces or components later as your customer base grows!

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!