Candle Holders

We carry a lovely selection of candle holders such as glass, crystal even table and floor candleabras that will give you a safe place to store your flickering lights. These are designed to accommodate standard candle sizes however they can also be used with our convenient LED candles as well.

Wholesale Candle Holders 

Candles are a hugely popular way to brighten venues during many different types of events. For centuries, the traditional candle has been used in ceremonies, dinners and as a subtle light source. Modern brides, grooms and event planners have many alternatives available, yet the classic wax candle or imitation luminary are still the most frequently used.

Elegant Glass Candle Holders

There is something for every taste in our collection. Crystal clear glass pedestal and holders are available and include various sizes that can completely change the profile of any centerpiece. Try adding a few of our pedestal hurricane holders which come in 20” and 22” tall sizes. Use one or incorporate a couple to create a multiple level effect. We also sell these products in cases of six to make ordering even easier!

Candle Centerpieces

The standard cup style candle holder can look beautiful, but some events call for something more original and fun. We carry a basic curved piece as well as a slant and triangular model that completely alter the profile and style of the finished presentation. Wrap these in a bed of flowers, foliage or sprinkle diamond confetti nearby to give the light more surfaces to reflect off of.

Sometimes plain glass isn’t enough. If you’re event demands more detail, then our crystal candle holders may be a better fit. These pieces are made out of durable metal and shimmering crystal components. Numerous styles are available, including our bronzed gold votive holder which is fashioned out of a series of round gems that form a cylinder with an open top. Our taller versions include a band of glinting metal in nickel or bronzed gold with small openings that form rows around the exterior. Each gap is filled by a matching colorless crystal, adding beauty and alluring contrast to the finished piece. If you really want each table to stand out, try our stunning table lamp models which include a smooth stem with a matching jewel lined shade.

A subtle accent is sometimes a better approach. Our candle holder collection also includes jeweled products that consist of a clear glass bottom with a fascinating gem covered rim. Round and cylinder styles are available, starting around 2.5” and going as tall as 14”. Some models also include a round base with a gracefully curved top that looks fabulous whether you place a lit candle inside or one of our vibrant vase fillers. Order individual pieces or try our three votive set which showcases nickel plated stems with clear, jewel rimmed tops.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed!

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, give us a call and we will match it!