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Safety Tips for Wedding Candles

Who can resist the bright flames and dancing shadows of candles? Candles create a soft, romantic feel for your event, but safety is always a concern with open flames. We recommend flameless candles as a great alternative, but if you really want open-flame candles (and your venue allows) we’ve got a few safety tips to keep you and your guests safe.

flameless-candles-wholesale.jpgThe Benefits of Flameless Candles

Regardless of safety precautions, open-flame candles always have the potential for an accident.

A few other benefits of flameless candles are:

  • Flameless candles are battery-powered and produce a similar glowing effect without the safety concerns.
  • Some venues require a permit for open-flame candles. One less thing to worry about if you use flameless candles!
  • Flameless candles are inexpensive, and you can reuse them whenever and wherever you want candles.

Safety Tips for Open-Flame Candles

Open-flame candles are often used at nighttime events, but can be dangerous!

If your heart is set on open-flame candles, practice these safety tips on your big day:

  • Ensure exits are kept clear and fire extinguishers are accessible.
  • Keep lit candles away from children and intoxicated guests.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended! If your group leaves the room, blow out all the flames, and make sure the wicks aren’t glowing.
  • Blow out candles before moving them!
  • Keep candles at least a foot away from all flammable material. This means clothes, decorations, flowers, etc….
  • Candles need to be inside sturdy candle holders that won’t fall over easily. Place candle holders only on stable, flat surfaces, and space candles at least three inches apart.
  • Find safe locations far from ventilation, drafts and ceiling fans. Determine if any lightweight objects nearby may potentially blow into the flames.
  • If you’re outside, do not use candles if the wind is blowing.
  • Don’t seat guests with oxygen tanks near open flames.

*Pro Tip* Don’t use scented candles! You picked the perfect meal to serve your guests, and they don’t want to smell a perfumed candle with their meal. 

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