How to Make Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

The simple, elegant look of Ostrich Feather Centerpieces will turn your special day into the unforgettable event of the year. And as spectacular as these ostrich feather centerpieces look, you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to put together. Here’s everything you need to know to make your own…

What You Need to Make Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

  • Ostrich Feathers - Ostrich plumes and drabs are perfect for centerpieces. For the fullest most plush look, you may want to use ostrich plumes. Ostrich feathers are most popular in white, but are available in just about any color imaginable.
  • Eiffel Tower Vases - You’ll love the fact that these are bottom-heavy, so they won’t easily tip over. Want a different look? The Trumpet Vase style is an exciting—and just as elegant—alternative.
  • Foam Bouquet Holders - The Foam Bouquet Holders go inside your vase to hold your ostrich feathers in place.

Personalize your presentation by adding accessories to build creative, stunning looks:

  • Floralytes - Put these wireless, miniature, disposable, self-powered lighting units inside whichever vase you choose for an awesome soft-glow light effect. 
  • Water Beads - Water beads are a beautiful accent when you choose the Trumpet Vase. Just make sure you start soaking the beads in water the day before so they expand properly!
  • Centerpiece MirrorsAdd some depth to your table by setting each centerpiece on a mirror. When combined with Floralytes, this look is gorgeous.
  • Light Bases - Want to up your game? A light base gives your centerpiece a dramatic look.

How to Assemble Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

step1.jpg1. Insert the Ostrich Feathers - Push the quill ends of your feathers into your Foam Bouquet Holder. Starting at the bottom, move your holder in a circular, upward motion until you reach the top. Taller feathers go toward the bottom and smaller feathers go toward the top.

*Pro Tip* If you want the highly desired slight arch to the ostrich feathers, assemble your centerpieces several days in advance. But don’t activate the Floralytes until the day of!

2. Place the Foam Bouquet Holder into VasePlace your Foam Bouquet Holder with the ostrich feathers into your vase.

*Pro Tip* If you’re using Floralytes, put them into your vase, then place the stem of the Foam Bouquet Holder into the vase. Hang the Floralytes at the length you want by tying them to the floral stem. There is a small string attached for this purpose.

3. Accessorize - At this point, your Ostrich Feather Centerpiece looks fantastic, but you’re not done yet. Now is the time to start personalizing with the optional material you chose. Have fun, and make it your own!

Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

  • The ideal height for your ostrich feather centerpiece is between 24” and 28.” This height prevents blocking your guests view of each other.You want to be sure that everyone can see each other!
  • You’ll need 2-3 Floralytes per vase, and they’ll last 36-48 hours each. If you use them under water, they’ll last 6-8 hours. Remember, Floralytes are one-time use only!
  • You can use either ostrich plumes or drabs for your centerpiece, but plumes will give a fuller appearance. Our most popular centerpiece kits contain 15-20 drabs, but you can use up to 40 for a fuller presentation. Use feathers of slightly different sizes to achieve the optimal look!  
  • Don’t throw your centerpieces away! Everything except Floralytes can be re-used for your next fabulous event.  

Our Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Kits arrive with everything you need to put together your own stunning centerpieces in any color you can imagine. Contact us here for more info!

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