Tapered Vases

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Similar to our popular trumpet vases, tapered vases add an elegant touch to your event décor. There is something luxurious about the sleek shine of high quality glass. Our stunning vases present a clear look that is very versatile. 

Tapered Vase Ideas

Our table décor includes a large selection of fine glass vases with a tapered shape. Each brings a unique touch to your centerpieces and accent décor, yet presents a design that can be incorporated into any celebration. Guests will love their charming shape and the flawless look of smooth, clear glass courtesy of Events Wholesale! Whether you’re going with classic or modern décor styles, you will find a container that will match perfectly! We also offer an array of different sizes which are great for building a tiered arrangement or accommodating different surfaces. You’ll find something for big banquet tables, shelves, counters and small end tables!

You’ll love exploring our glass vase collection! Each product is crafted to high standards so you can keep your décor for years. When properly handled and cared for, your vases will last through many, many celebrations. You receive a high return on your event décor investment when you go with our clear tapered vases!

Sizes & Styles

Our vase sizes range from short 6” models to versions that are over 20”! Our taper down block vases include a squared shape with a thick bottom and wider opening on top. This style is great for modern décor because of its dramatic angled look. If you want something more traditional, try a classic cylinder vase.

Anything goes when you decorate with glass vases! Almost anything can be stored inside. Guests acquire an amazing 360 degree view of objects arranged within. Add a simple flower bouquet with the stems visible in the vase or fill the sides with paper, water gel beads, sand, pebbles, or fabric to hide cut stems. Branches also look handsome inside these glass containers. Check out our tapered vase collection to find the best base for your next centerpiece!

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