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String Lights

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String lights are one of the most versatile and beautiful event decorations you can include in your collection. They are flexible and work well in any setting. Rather than producing one large bright light, these dainty bulbs tend to throw smaller beams that create a look similar to stars. It’s a wonderful way to create a breathtaking scene while adding detail to your venue. 

Decorating with string lights is so easy and can produce amazing results. Place them along walls, ceilings, rafters or corners to trace the perimeter of your party space. Or use them to showcase a specific aisle, entrance or walkway. They can be pulled taut to create a straight line or draped to form graceful curves. They also twist and wrap easily around statuary, columns, trees and shrubs. Use them outdoors to show guests how to get inside or place them throughout the interior of your venue to make everything shine!

Our string lights collection is extremely diverse and includes a bit of everything you could need for your event! There are electric lights that can be plugged in so you never have to buy spare batteries. These range from mini light strings to classic patio lights with larger bulbs and a nostalgic look. We also carry replacement bulbs so your electric lights are always ready to use!

If power outlets may be in short supply, consider our battery operated string lights. These use a battery pack to stay on so you never have to plug in. This is also a smart choice when decorating in areas that may not have access to an electric power source, like in a pavilion or outdoors. They include beautiful LED bulbs in blue, white, green, red, amber and rainbow colors. The diverse selection makes them a great choice whether you’re planning a birthday party, holiday event or a big wedding.

Eco-minded event planners and couples should take a look at our growing solar light collection. This category features a few gorgeous patio light strings and Edison bulb umbrella lights that don’t require power outlets. We also carry replacement bulbs for each style so you can keep partying with beautiful solar light!

If you’re in search of something more unusual, you need to see what awaits in our designer string lights category. This is where our most unique lighting accessories are found! We offer PVC rope lights in many colors as well as playful ribbon lights and star shaped LED strings. Our mesh rope lights come in blue, green, gold, white and fuchsia with similar colors in many of our other styles! 

String lights are a must-have for any celebration. Wow your guests and create the perfect backdrop for any event by adding a few dainty bulbs. Our enormous collection has everything from basic plug in strings to battery operated models, mini lights, patio lights and our spectacular designer string lights! Start shopping now to create the ultimate combination for a wedding, birthday, holiday or any other gathering that could use some party lighting!

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