Event Lighting

Create a sparkling atmosphere that radiates beauty with our variety of lighting accessories. Whether your next event is indoor or outdoors, use our string lights and lighted curtains to make your event shine.

Intricate Detail to Transform Your Space

Personalize your wedding, reception, party, or unique event with our wide assortment of unique lighting designed for every budget in mind. Our lighting collection offers a number of practical ways to transform any space into the ultimate party area! We have you covered no matter how much or how little you need to light up. We offer lighting accessories such as string lights to cover walls, ceilings and structures as well as smaller pieces such as floralytes that are perfect for adding detail to intricate displays. The best way to begin is to decide what tone or style you’re going for and choose several pieces to match!

String Lights

String lights are a must-have whether you’re planning a wedding, a Christmas dinner or a birthday party. Our collection offers a number of colors and lengths so you have just what you need. We also carry different types, like modern LED string lights LED string lights which are durable and compact or solar lights which are environmentally friendly. If you love nostalgic décor, check out our globe and patio lights. Each is made to high standards to ensure safety and quality.

Lighted Branches

You can even add a natural touch with lighting by displaying our lighted branches and garland! These are inspired by the real thing to add an organic touch to any setting. They are reusable and look stunning, especially when used with our freestanding or tabletop trees. Also check out our LED light sprays LED light sprays which present a gorgeous glow with a vine-like design that gives you even more ways to illuminate your venue!

Color Options & BackDrop Ideas

Our event lighting collection goes even further with lighted curtains in purple, white, pink and more! Dangle along walls or over draperies to dazzle guests. They also make a breathtaking backdrop that you can easily hang behind the bridal table, cake table or any other important area in your venue.


When it comes to event lighting, it doesn’t get any smaller than our Floralytes. These tiny bulbs are intended for use with bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces. Hide among a gathering of flowers or tuck inside a glass vase to completely change the tone of the display with bright, glowing color! This product is available in a rainbow of hues so you can match it up to your celebration. Also check out our acolyte e-luminator centerpiece light bases for more options.

Pro Lighting Strategy

You may already have great lights for guests to see doorways, aisles and tables, so start thinking about about how you will highlight key areas in your venue or draw attention to your handmade centerpieces or other displays.

Start shopping now to find lighted curtains, branches, string lights and much more with our lowest price guarantee!

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