How to Clean Tower Vases

eiffel tower vase

Vases, especially slender Eiffel Tower vases or tall and tapered Trumpet vases, are quite the challenge to clean since you can’t reach inside with a cloth or your hand. Luckily, we know a few vase cleaning secrets using items you probably have around the house right now!

Alcohol or window cleaner is great for cleaning the outside of a vase, but the inside is always a bit tricky. A bottle brush may be helpful but is not necessary when you follow our easy tips on how to clean a vase.    

Clean a Vase with Vinegar and Water

Pour undiluted white distilled vinegar into your vase, and let it sit for a few hours. Shake vigorously to loosen the stains. Add an abrasive like rice or sand for stubborn stains. Repeat if necessary, and finish by rinsing the vase with hot water.

Clean a Vase with Baking Soda

Soak your vase overnight in water and baking soda. Alternatively, fill the vase with warm water first, then add a few tablespoons of baking soda. Next, pour in a little white vinegar. The fizz eats away residue, especially mineral deposits!

Clean a Vase with Denture Cleaner or Alka-Seltzer

Denture tablets and Alka-Seltzer work on surfaces just like on teeth or tummies. Fill your vase with water, and add a tablet or two. Similar to baking soda and vinegar, the chemical reaction scrubs the interior of the vase with no work from you! Let your mixture sit until it calms down, rinse your vase well, and enjoy the sparkle. This is the best method for hard-to-clean vases.

Clean a Vase with Sand

A little bit of sand and warm, soapy water can clean the interior of a vase very effectively. Swirl your mixture around thoroughly, and watch as the sand loosens grit and stains from the surface. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat as necessary.

Clean a Vase with Cola

Cola can almost always be used to scrub surfaces you can't reach. Fill your vase about half-way with cola, swish it around and let stand for several minutes. Rinse your vase very well to avoid attracting insect visitors!

To finish, use a clean, lint-free, soft cotton or microfiber cloth to dry your beautifully clean vase.

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