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Where gardening meets interior design, terrariums make gorgeous additions to any venue, or they can solely be used for decorative purposes using flameless candles or whatever best fits your needs. Simply select the perfect style terrarium from Events Wholesale’s large assortment of glass enclosures and watch nature unfold.

Timeless Popularity of Terrariums

Thanks to plant biologist, Nathanial Bagshaw Ward, terrariums or “Wardian cases” became hugely popular during the Victorian Era. Although popularity declined in later years, terrariums are making quite a comeback and add a unique touch to your special occasion, home décor, or office space. Because terrariums do not require a green thumb, you do not need to be a botanist to grow your own cozy garden. Both decorative and pragmatic, these mini greenhouses can help alleviate stress while improving air quality. Terrariums require little maintenance: merely add a little indirect light, continual moisture, a comfortable temperature, and a little tender loving care.

However, these versatile little containers are truly amazing and can be customized in so many ways. Our glassware collection includes a selection of fascinating terrariums that are designed for decorative purposes. Our Geometric Terrariums are especially popular for event decorating. Add fine detail to your party space or use to creative incorporate other elements that match the purpose or focus of the celebration!

Huge Selection of Shapes & Sizes

Every terrarium we offer is unique, however each includes similar features. The top is attached to a small glass loop that can fit over cord, ribbons, wire or slim ropes.  A round opening is cut into one side to provide easy access to the interior space for decorating. Some models even have the added bonus of a second hook or loop extending from the bottom so you can create a chain or dangle tassels, beads, braids or other accents.

Our terrarium catalog varies from round to pear and elongated styles. Some are very simple, presenting a basic clear orb of hollow glass that is perfect for any party. Some are lengthy, like our cylindrical hanging terrarium. Our hanging bulb includes a round bottom with a narrow neck on top similar to an incandescent light bulb. We even carry apple and pear inspired designs complete with stems!

Decorating with Terrariums

We recommend ordering your terrariums as early as possible so you have time to experiment with the finished arrangement. You can do so many things with these charming event accessories. Fill with a small live plant or add colorful components like tissue paper, a few pebbles, fabric or ribbon. Create a display inside then add a small photograph to honor a loved one. A number of sizes are available so you can find the ideal fit based on your decorating needs and available space.

Since terrariums are hung, they can be shown off anywhere! Tie to a tree branch or shrub or dangle from rafters or other overhead structures. Use them to decorate a tree or topiary or hang from hooks along walls. You can even use terrariums as luminaries just by adding any of our LED candles! Shop now to find a gorgeous terrarium for your next gathering.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!