Benefits of Using Flameless Candles

Many venues don’t allow wax candles during events, for good reason. Candles are easily knocked over by rambunctious guests while sleeves or hair can quickly catch fire. But when you still want the ambience of candles, go flameless!

flameless candles

With flameless candles, you get the look and feel of wax candles without the risk of fire—and you can use them for years. Flameless candles are battery-operated and look very much like regular wax candles. The tiny bulb even flickers to throw off the same ambiance of a real flame. In fact, most people probably won’t even notice they aren’t wax candles!

The benefits of using flameless candles are:

  • Safety – Flameless candles are completely safe. No hot wax, no dangerous flame.
  • Clean – Smokeless, dripless and odor free. Also, no drippings on your tablecloths or candelabra!
  • Less Maintenance – Don’t worry about trimming wicks or relighting dark candles.
  • More Control – Come home from a hard day at work to a soft, relaxing atmosphere. Timer candles can be programed to turn on and off when you want.
  • Versatile – Don’t worry about the wind, flameless candles can be used both indoors and out. Need to move your candles during the event? No problem!
  • Reusable – When flameless candles go out, replace the battery, and move on!
  • Affordable – Flameless candles are a one-time purchase! You’ll need to replace batteries every so often, but you’ll have your flameless candles forever!

Preserve the soft glow and flickering ambience of candles, but forget the danger. Your event will look better with flameless candles!

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