How to Personalize Feather Centerpieces

feather-centerpieces1.jpgA stunning feather centerpiece caught your eye and inspired you, but don't be a copycat! Design your own look and feel. Express your creative side by personalizing your feather centerpieces to match your style. Customize with color, accessories and illumination, and soon people will be inspired by YOUR designs!

Create Your Own Design

We’re sharing our ideas to personalize feather centerpieces, but these are just a start. The only limit is your imagination!

Mix Up the Feathers!

Choose from a variety of feathers to match your theme. Ostrich feathers are most common in centerpieces, but you can mix it up with different types and colors of feathers. Add a few peacock feathers to a blue-themed arrangement for an extra pop of color. Pheasant feathers are perfect for a rustic theme. Include branches or flowers for a pretty flourish!

The Right Vase is Important!

The right vase draws attention to your centerpiece, but doesn’t overpower. The most popular choices for feather centerpieces are the Trumpet and Eiffel Tower vases. Both are beautiful, and what you choose depends on whether you want a delicate stem or a wide, open-mouthed top.  Hang beads or crystals from the vase lip, wrap the outside with ribbon lights or attach your table numbers to your vase for a breathtaking addition to your centerpiece design. 

Don’t Forget the Base!

Accentuate your feather centerpiece by decorating around the base. Sprinkle flower petals, acrylic diamond confetti or curly ribbon, or add depth with a centerpiece mirror. A light base adds dramatic shadows and distinct appearance. We recommend flameless candles for the base of a feather centerpiece, but wax tealights or small pillar candles can be used as well.

Light Makes the Difference!

Final touches of illumination will pull your centerpiece style together. Imagine the Trumpet vase shining with waterbeads or the Eiffel Tower vase glowing with Floralytes. Your guests will love these centerpieces—especially after the sun sets! 

However you choose to personalize your feather centerpieces, we know they’ll be gorgeous!

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