Wedding Sparklers

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Light up your special celebration with our high quality wedding sparklers! Perfect for creating a brilliant tunnel of light at your wedding exit, these sparklers will be remembered by your family and friends for years to come. Our #20 size is the most popular choice, also consider adding some extra excitement with our unique heart shaped sparklers.

Perfect for Wedding Exits

Why use bland bird seed when you can light things up with our fabulous wedding sparklers! Let the crowd illuminate your path as you leave the wedding ceremony as man and wife!  We offer an affordable selection of sparklers that are perfect for weddings and other events. The #20 is our most popular size. Or change things up a bit with our newer heart shaped sparklers! Start married life off on the right foot by adding a little spark to the festivities!

Even if you aren’t getting married, our sparklers are a great choice to give as party favors at any event. From birthdays and New Year’s Eve celebrations to family reunions, Independence Day and other occasions, our sparklers will make the gathering more memorable.  They are also great for corporate events, cookouts and any other reason you can find to bring a group of people together to have fun.

Wedding guest can create a brilliant tunnel of light by igniting their sparklers as the bride and groom make their grand exit! Imagine the breathtaking pictures taken by your photographer as everyone waves shimmering sparklers in the background!

High Quality Celebration Sparklers in Bulk

We offer a variety of length, starting with the shorter #10 sparklers. This style is ideal for any kind of event and may be easier for smaller hands to hold. Our longer versions include #20 and #36 varieties.  These look great at events and can add a touch of drama to the atmosphere.

Our sparklers offer an attractive combination of low cost and maximum burn time. While we can’t claim that our sparklers will be completely smoke free (there is no such thing as a sparkler that doesn’t smoke), our products are designed to minimize smoke. This makes the area much more comfortable for all guests, whether they choose to light up a sparkler or not.

You can hand out sparklers to use as part of event activities or give them away as party favors. No one will be able to resist igniting their sparklers and waving them around to create fun shapes, letters, numbers and more in thin air!

Modern couples are skipping the wedding bird seed and going straight for the sparklers. This unique addition is growing in popularity because it is both visually stunning, fun for guests and affordable for whoever is paying for the wedding.  Don’t forget to give them a try at other gatherings to add a bit of excitement that’s safe for everyone! From birthday parties and anniversaries to cookouts, festivals, weddings and other events, our sparklers will be a big hit with your guests!

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!