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One of the many fun parts of a wedding celebration is when the happy couple gets ready to leave and the guests get to say goodbye. The old tradition used to be rice or even sparklers, but now there is something that is safer than both rice and sparklers and they are a lot of fun too…the wedding popper. These wedding poppers work for any type of wedding no matter what the theme is. They are easy to use; just point them up and away from your face and pull the string to shoot out white paper streamers as the couple makes a dash for their honeymoon car.

They make a great eco friendly way to send the couple off to their honeymoon and they are extremely safe for children too. This pack of wedding poppers contains 72, so ordering the amount you need for the guests is easy to do. They are biodegradable and clean up is as simple as grabbing a broom or two and sweeping them up and throwing them away.

Each wedding popper looks like a cute little champagne bottle and measures about 3” high and they can be used inside and outside with no worries of injury or breaking anything. They are much gentler to the couple than getting hit in the face with handfuls of rice as well and there is no danger to birds the way that rice has been reported to be when they eat it off the ground.

These wedding poppers are a great way to celebrate the couple’s special day and you can order extra so they have a souvenir or two to put away with other wedding day keepsakes.


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