Wedding Sparkler Photos Brides Adore

Wedding sparkler photos are popular for a reason—they look beautiful and add a little bit of extra creativity to the usual big day photos.

Our tips and ideas will give you a great place to start from and help keep everyone safe!

wedding sparklers
Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy Photography.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Tips

Let your photographer know well in advance that you want to use sparklers in your wedding photos. Lighting and location are crucial to great sparkler shots, so your photographer will need time to plan! 

Planning is also the key to safety. Rushing your exit (especially with rowdy or inebriated guests) is dangerous. Sparklers are generally safe, but can cause serious burns to skin and hair if not handled properly. 

Let your sparklers double as your wedding favor (add some personalized matches for a cute take-home), and attach instructions. Your guests will be a little more prepared for your exit, hopefully decreasing the excited chaos!

Wedding Sparkler Exit Photos

Nothing is more beautiful than watching the bride and groom exit their wedding surrounded by family and friends holding sparklers!

To get the best sparkler effect, your guests will need to be arranged in two lines facing each other. From there, though, your options are only limited by the space and your imagination. Taking photos from above or behind, pausing to kiss or with the couple walking, running or driving toward the camera are all great places to start!

wedding sparkler exit

wedding sparkler exit photography

wedding sparkler exit photo
Photo by Abby Grace.

Wedding Sparkler Photos With Words

Your photographer will need an assistant to either write or activate the camera shutter at the right time, so do be sure to let them know you want this type of photo at your wedding. Letting them know in advance the words you’ve chosen, whether that’s “love,” your names, the date of your wedding or “thank you” is a good idea as well. The more preparation, the better your photo results will be!

sparkler photography with words

wedding sparkler words
Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy Photography.

Photo courtesy of Clane Gessel Photography.

Artistic Wedding Sparkler Photos

Your wedding photographer will likely have some ideas for beautiful artistic shots, but bring your own ideas too! Explore your venue—especially at night—to inspire your creativity. Hearts, spirals around the happy couple and shots with or without the bridal party are a few of the more traditional ideas. Or go with something clever or humorous to show your personality!

Check out our selection of wedding sparklers, and send us your photos after your event. We’d love to feature your wedding sparkler photos here!

artistic wedding sparkler photo
Photo courtesy of Trevor Allen Photography.




wedding sparklers bride
Photos courtesy of Matt Kennedy Photography.

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