How to Store Wedding Sparklers

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Just because a few sparklers didn’t get used at the wedding doesn’t mean you need to throw them away. New Year’s, July 4th, on a birthday cake or even at a neighborhood barbecue, sparklers add a little bit of fun to any holiday or event! Store wedding sparklers properly, though, so they are ready to go when you want them.

To store wedding sparklers the right way,

Follow these three important rules!

1. Keep Your Sparklers Dry

Avoid exposing your unused sparklers to any type of moisture—especially humidity. A wet sparkler won’t light, so don’t store your sparklers anywhere they may be exposed to water from flood, sprinklers or even an open window.

A climate-controlled environment like a closet is best, but if you have small children (see rule #3!) or nosy pets, a garage or basement will do. Place the sparklers inside a sealed plastic bag or other air tight environment for extra protection!

Protect Your Sparklers from Heat

When humidity is mixed with heat, the conditions are right for your sparklers to ignite on their own. Although this is a rare situation, when it does occur, even a small spark can cause a sparkler to light. A sparkler by itself won’t cause a fire, but any flammable material nearby can. Prevent fires by keeping your sparklers away from heat!

Store Out of Reach of Children

Sparklers are fun, and kids know that. While sparklers are safe when used with adult supervision, kids shouldn’t play with them alone. Make sure to store wedding sparklers away from where kids might be looking for toys or exploring.

Keep your sparklers dry, away from heat and out of reach of children, and they’ll be ready to please the crowd at your next event!

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