LED Light Sprays

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String lights are lovely but sometimes they don’t offer the fullness and variety you need for your event. Our LED light sprays present a new way to brighten your party. This design is absolutely stunning yet so simple that it works anywhere. Versatility is vital if you want to use quality lighting accessories in your wedding or party. The more versatile they are, the more likely you are to use them again. And the more you use them, the better value you get! 

Our LED light sprays feature a series of smaller string lights that are gathered together to form a thicker tangle of beautiful illumination. The effect is both dazzling and organic, much like a tangle of vines growing up a trellis or stone wall.  Each model measures 6’ long and is available in cases of six. It’s the perfect way to start brightening your venue while staying within your venue.

Color is one characteristic to consider when choosing the right event lighting for your gathering. The hues you choose should match the tone, theme or style of the celebration. We offer a wide variety of gorgeous shades produced by micro LED lights. This category includes blue, green and red versions as well as a cool white and warm white variation. 

White LED lights are perfect for any occasion. The warm version adds a cozy touch that’s perfect with warm color schemes.  Cool white offers an equally versatile look with a cooler touch. The effect is icy, almost like shining diamonds hanging from a wall, tree or wherever you decide to display your illuminated sprays.

Each individual spray contains 10 strings using slender wire. A 9’ lead wire and UL outdoor adaptor makes it easy to set up anywhere. The bulbs are positioned 6” apart on each string so you get balanced coverage whether you hang vertically, horizontally or drape your sprays. These are safe for indoor and outdoor use which is wonderful when hosting a garden party, patio picnic or outdoor wedding.

Our LED light sprays are equipped with an eight function controller so you can choose the best setting for your gathering. It’s just one more way you can customize the look of the finished display.  Remember to order early so you can try out different layouts and positions. Lighted sprays are a wonderful way to draw attention to specific spaces in your venue. Use to hang over the cake table or along the bridal table. Place near signs or other key decorations so guests are sure to take a look and admire all your hard work!

Also check out our other event lighting products to find the perfect accessory to go with your light sprays. We also offer string lights, centerpiece bases, lighted curtains and much more. Check out this category to browse our solid color LED light sprays or view our gorgeous multi color spray for a rainbow of fabulous hues! Everyone who attends will love the subtle, festive look of our LED light sprays!

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