Electric LED Mini Light Strands

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Electric LED light strands offer a bold, beautiful glow that comes in many colors. LEDs are a very common find these days, and for a good reason. They are a newer technology that is more compact, durable and longer lasting than most alternative light sources. This has opened up a whole new world of event décor featuring these dainty bulbs and their brilliant illumination. Our electric LED light strand category offers a collection of practical products that will turn any venue into the perfect place for your party or wedding!

Our cool white LED light strings offer a collection of micro LED bulbs on silver wire. We carry multiple sizes ranging from 10’ to 20’. Each include equal bulb spacing and a convenient lead wire that makes setup easier. Cool white is very icy in tone. The light thrown by these LEDs is similar to the delicate sparkle of a high quality diamond. They are available in case quantities of six so you can easily get the number of feet you need for any event space.

Sometimes cool white is just a little too cool to go with your preferred color scheme. That’s why we offer a variety of warm white LED light strings. These feature a similar design with a slender wire and micro LED bulbs, but in a richer, warmer tone. The effect is pale yet almost golden so it adds a cozy effect to its surroundings. It’s usually best to choose one type of white light to prevent clashing when you decorate.

Our warm white LED lights come in two styles. One with silver wire and another with copper wire. Both are available in 10’ to 20’ sizes. The copper version is even warmer than the silver, which can have a more obvious impact on your display. If you want something more subtle, the silver version may be a better choice. Both are breathtaking and produce the same glorious glow that your guests will love!

What do you do if you want to spice things up at your next big bash? Why you add more color of course! Our electric light strings are also available in an exciting multicolor version. This multifunction light accessory includes a 9’ lead wire and 120 micro LED bulbs in red, yellow, blue and green. A UL outdoor adaptor is included. It’s a great choice for upbeat occasions like a birthday party, bachelorette party or New Year’s Eve party! Rainbow lights also make a great addition to dance floor lighting at wedding receptions. 

There are many electric LED light strings to choose from so you can customize the tone and look of your celebration. Each product we sell is designed to last and offers a safe design that is consistent in appearance and quality. That way you know you’re getting the best results whether you order just one case or 1,000. Multiple lengths ensures that you can provide ideal coverage for any party area. Browse our electric LED light strands to find the best look for weddings, showers, birthdays and holiday gatherings!

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