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tring lights are a staple when it comes to event decorating. Illumination is similar to color and texture when it comes to dressing up a venue. It serves both a practical purpose and an aesthetic one. You need proper lighting to ensure that your guests can find their way around without bumping into objects. Safety is usually covered by larger light sources. Once that’s covered, you need proper lighting to provide fine detail that adds visual appeal. That’s where our designer string lights come in!

Our event accessory collection includes high quality string lights that are designed to offer optimum visual appeal in a practical accessory. Each is constructed to high standards so you know you’ll get consistency whether you order just one case or many. That’s very important because you may need several sets to cover a medium to large size venue, depending on what your decorating goals are.

The classic light strand is popular because it is easy, safe and versatile. There are many ways to use these simple strings to turn any space into the best place for your wedding, party, shower or bachelorette party. The wire allows them to be flexible so you can wrap them around columns, statuary, trees, shrubs and more. They can also be gently draped over windows, doors, table skirts and entrances to create an elegant arrangement.

If you are looking for cleaner lines, you can also hang your string lights up in straight rows. Use them to trace the lines in a room like the ceiling or wall. Or place along the edges of a window frame or doorway. This approach can be a great idea when putting together an outdoor event. You can create a glowing border around the party area so guests know where to stay during the celebration!

Our designer string lights collection is one of the most exciting you’ll find! Here we have something for any occasion and personality type. I you love the look of stars, check out our five point star string lights. These come in cool and warm white and include durable LED bulbs. Each star is made out of smooth acrylic and operates using AA batteries.

PVC rope lights are another alternative that may be a better choice for harsher environments. The exterior is covered by strong PVC that can help keep moisture out. The inside includes a length of wire that connects LED bulbs. This product is available in blue, red, cool white, warm white and multi color varieties. Try one or match up two or three to create a spectacular light show for your event!

Ribbon lights offer a slightly different approach to the basic string light. These are just as flexible but include a wider ribbon lined in wire and LED bulbs. Each measures 7’ long with a gorgeous edge in an array of fabulous colors. They look amazing on trees, doors, windows, table skirts – anything that could use a little more texture and shine!

Browse our designer string light collection today to find these plus our one-of-a-kind mesh lights on sale now!

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