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Electric string lights offer a classic look that will brighten any area. This type of event accessory is very adaptable so you can display them just about anywhere. Our electric category is a great choice when you have a power source to work with and want beautiful, rich illumination for a party, wedding, shower or dinner event. 

Our electric lights come in multiple styles, each with the same flexibility. Our connectable UL warm white Edison bulb set is a wonderful example of just how eye-catching electric lights can be. This collection includes a 9’ lead wire and outdoor UL adaptor. 20 clear light bulbs dangle from threaded bases on a dark wire. They look just like the old school light bulbs everyone knows and loves, but instead of a filament there are three warm white micro LED bulbs on a silver wire hidden inside. They are spaced 2” apart to create a charming glow that’s very unique from other types of string lights.

If you love the round look of our Edison bulbs but want something more modern, you must see our G50 patio light set. This collection offers a similar dark wire and base with a rounded clear cap and short neck. Our G50 model includes a 6” lead wire for a 9” lighted length with 12” spacing between the 10 bulbs included on each set. 

Sometimes you need a longer string light to cover your venue. If you love the look of our G50 bulbs, then our G40 bulbs are a great alternative. This model offers double the lighted length with a total of 19’ plus a 6” tail cord. A total of 20 bulbs appear, placed 12” apart. This item is safe for indoor and outdoor use so you can hang them anywhere you like – even if you aren’t celebrating under the sun or moon!

A third option is our ST40 patio light set. This model includes the same dark base and wire like the others, but includes an elongated bulb. The ST40 style is very unique yet retains that same nostalgic charm that everyone loves. Each set includes 10 clear bulbs positioned at 12” intervals with a 6” lead cord. The total lighted length comes to 9’ and each case contains six individual sets. You can attach multiple strings to create a longer length for bigger spaces.

Our electric string lights also include a miniature set that comes to 25” with 50 small white bulbs. This model is a great choice when you want more illumination but in a more subtle design. Use to decorate trees, shrubs, tables or walls. The bulbs are placed at 6” intervals so you get balanced coverage even when winding the string lights around a column, tree trunk or other object.

Along with electric string light sets, we also offer the replacement bulbs you need to keep them working. Full case quantities are available for our ST40, G40 and G50 light bulbs. Each case contains 48 bulbs in packages of two. Shop now to find the best electric lighting for your celebration!

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