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Wholesale Specialty Table Linens

Need help choosing the right size tablecloth?

Our pintuck and shimmer crush linens add elegance to any special occasion and are available in many colors. Custom sizes and colors are also available upon request. These are high quality table linens, NOT cheap imports. Made in the USA!

Table coverings are a must-have item for any event. From wedding receptions to dinner parties, holiday events and other social gatherings, the table cloth has become a staple item. Fancy restaurants almost always have some kind of beautiful cloth laid over tables. That’s because this simple component serves a few very important purposes.

Your table coverings will protect the surfaces your guests dine upon. They also make each place setting far more comfortable. Guests will inevitably lean over or rest their arms on the tables. They may brush against the edges. A soft cloth covering will add a lovely texture and allow your guests to relax as they enjoy the celebration.

The table cloth will also add to the visual appeal of your venue. Bare tables do not look as elegant as they would when layered in luxurious fabric. The cloth you choose will enhance atmosphere. This is also a great opportunity to add more style and color to your event setting. We offer a huge selection of the finest linens so you can purchase everything you need to make your tables look fabulous.

Our specialty linen collection brings you entirely unique styles that stand out in any crowd. Purchase a few to highlight important tables in your venue or order enough to cover every surface in the house. Each is made with high quality fabric and features a charming personality that your guests will love.

Pintuck Tablecloths

Our pintuck polyester cloths include a sleek shine that is covered in a fascinating latticework style pattern. Raised lines cross from end to end while a durable hem keeps each edge looking smooth. We offer this item in an array of exciting colors. Refresh the room with blue, fuchsia, purple or pink. If you prefer something more traditional, then white, ivory, merlot, black or buttercup may offer a better blend of gorgeous hues.

Shimmer Crush Tablecloths

If you aren’t into lined patterns, then you must see our elegant shimmer crush tablecloths. This style includes a natural texture that adds subtle variety to the finished product. With a subtle hint of stucco style, this covering will instantly dress up any room. The surface also features a captivating shine that adds to the classic character of the fabric.

Just like our other linens, this item features a strong hem that prevents fraying. When properly maintained, each cloth can be used over and over again. Our shimmer crush coverings are available in an enormous number of colors, ranging from simple white and black to enticing copper, Tiffany blue, eggplant, gold, sea blue, lime green and sage. We also carry a handful of unique two toned fabrics.

Complete your décor by covering every table in beautiful linens. Our products are also ideal for restaurant owners and others in the food service industry. Whether you are impressing customers or guests, we can help you find the best way to make every table its own little party paradise!

Cloth Napkins in Bulk at Discount Prices 

Our cloth napkins are made of easy care high quality banquet polyester. Available colors include white, ivory, black, taupe, brown, yellow, mango, tangerine, mustard, peach, orange, rust, pink, rose, fuchsia, red, burgundy, blue, turquoise, slate, royal, navy, sage, olive, lime, hunter green, lilac, purple, eggplant, and more.

A major event comes with many small details that must be addressed. A good table cloth and chair cover creates a beautiful base for your décor, but what about the other must-have items? We carry everything you need to outfit each table for guests. Each fabric offers an eye-catching appearance and can serve a practical purpose. We keep prices and order minimums as low as possible so it’s easy to get everything on your list without going outside of your event budget.

Our line of cloth napkins includes products that can help you complete your décor collection. We offer durable items that give guests a polite way to clean up spills or dropped food during meals. Our napkins come in two sizes: standard 17” by 17” and large 20” by 20” squares. Each is made of high quality materials that won’t stain easily. Choose from poly-poplin polyester or poly-satin with double sided versions that feature both fabrics, one per side.

Each product comes with many color choices. Begin your search as early as possible so you have plenty of time to review our color chart to select the best hue or combination of colors for your event. Many shades are included so you can add pastels, bolds or classic pieces to each table. Your guests will be stunned by the stark contrast of black or enchanted by our light blue and pink. Turquoise, champagne, green, lime and burgundy have limitless style potential. Simply click the tab or link found on each product page to begin exploring your options.

Each napkin you purchase from us is machine washable. A clean napkin is required or guests may be turned off by the presentation. Slight imperfections or discoloration can make an otherwise beautiful cloth piece look substandard. Our fabrics are designed to prevent unsightly spots and are quick to clean so you don’t have to spend more time, money and energy after the festivities have ended. These napkins are easy to store and, when properly maintained, can be used again and again at future events. Make your holidays even more memorable by accentuating a fine meal with the refinement of cloth napkins. Add elegance to birthdays, anniversaries and other important parties.

Ordering with us is easy. We offer many options so you get a product that meets your needs and keeps your guests happy. Don’t forget to visit our site to find exquisite napkin rings and centerpieces so you have a fully matched set for every table. Let us help you find reliable products that will enhance atmosphere and give your guests a beautiful backdrop for dancing, dining and as much celebration as they can handle! Our napkins are also ideal for food service businesses such as caterers and restaurants who provide food and meal settings for customers.

Wholesale Wedding Tulle 

Wedding tulle is a gorgeous way to add fine detail to centerpieces and other venue décor. Our tulle comes in a number of stunning colors so you can customize the look based on theme, style or the personality of the event. We carry ivory, white, butterscotch, light gold, stone, yellow, maize, light orange, tangerine, peach, dark orange, pink, dusty rose, violet, hot pink, ice rose, red, fuchsia, wine, light lilac, lavender, bright lilac, burgundy, plum, purple, sky blue, aqua blue, powder blue, chicory, ice blue, royal, turquoise, mint, black, navy, dark sage, light sage, lime, celery sage, hunter green, Kelly green, camel, teal, dark gold, dark silver and brown.

Our durable wedding tulle is made using nylon diamond netting, which provides gorgeous color and texture. That means your pew bows, centerpieces, favors and whatever else you create will look fabulous! Energize décor on tables or along walls and entryways or use shorter lengths for bows, tails and accents. Get as creative as you like and discover new ways to show off our elegant tulle!

We carry tulle in two convenient package sizes. If you are planning a wedding or other major event, then you need tulle in matching colors.  Our sizes include a smaller 5 bolt quantity and a larger 10 bolt so you can easily accommodate the amount of space and/or number of guests you will be preparing the venue for.

Tulle is so popular because it is extremely versatile. Along with beautiful wedding decorations and centerpieces, it can also be used to produce handmade veils. Its soft texture and flowing appearance make it great for use with wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, hair accessories and much more. Tulle is lightweight so it’s easy to wear and can instantly add fullness to just about anything!

Wedding receptions often feature tulle as a primary décor component. A longer length can be draped around the edges of tables to create a stunning layered look that is worthy of royalty. It can also be wrapped around statuary, arches, pillars and other structures to pull the venue together. Circles of tulle can be cut and used to make adorable sachets to use for party and wedding favors.  Tulle favors are beautiful, inexpensive and very easy to make at home!

Explore our tulle product pages today to view color options and see just how eye-catching our fabric can be! The blue link or colors tab is available to provide access to all hues that are currently available. We recommend ordering as early as possible to ensure that your preferred color is available in the quantity you need. If you have any questions or would like to ask about quantity availability, please contact us. We are more than happy to answer questions and do whatever we can to make sure you get all the tulle you need for your next event!

Whether you need a quick, inexpensive way to create favor bags, decorations, veils or pew bows, we have you covered. Our high quality tulle fabric will give you the durability and color depth you need to make your event space perfect!

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