How to Iron Tablecloths


Have you ever seen a well-pressed tablecloth next to a wrinkled one? The contrast is painfully obvious! Once you’ve seen the difference, you’ll never again want to present a table without an ironed tablecloth. But with all the different shapes and sizes of tablecloths out there, you won’t always know the easiest way to approach this task. We want your tablecloths to be professional and smooth, so we’re sharing our finest and fastest ironing techniques!

poly-tablecloths.jpgHow to Iron a Tablecloth

  • Spritz your tablecloth with water until just slightly damp.
  • Place a sheet on the floor underneath the ironing board so your tablecloth doesn’t pick up dust and dirt as you iron.
  • Use the safest heat setting for your tablecloth’s fabric. Using the lowest setting prevents “ironing sheen.”
  • Iron in a backwards/forwards motion, and always iron with the weave of the fabric.

*Pro Tip* - Never iron in a circular motion! This stretches the fabric.

How to Iron Large Tablecloths

  • Start by throwing the tablecloth into the dryer with a damp dishcloth for 10-15 minutes to remove the minor wrinkles and make the more difficult creases easier to tackle!
  • Spread the tablecloth out on a large table and smooth it using your hands.
  • Iron your tablecloth on a medium heat. Pull the tablecloth towards you as you iron and smooth the closest portion of the fabric.

Ironing Safety Tips

  • Be careful ironing around pets and children.
  • Always turn off the iron when you’re finished, even if your planning on continuing again shortly.
  • Never leave the iron on a specific spot for too long. Overheating will damage or ignite the fabric.
  • Don’t leave the iron facedown, even after you turn it off. Irons take some time to cool down.

Follow these tips, and you’ll finish your ironing safely and with a beautifully pressed tablecloth!

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