Ostrich Feathers

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Available in many vibrant colors, our ostrich plumes are the perfect accent or centerpiece for any event! No matter how you use them, these gorgeous, colorful feathers from Events Wholesale are sure to catch your eye!

Decorating with Ostrich Feathers

Across the ages, ostrich feathers have been worn by the nobility, garnished the helmets of medieval knights, and enhanced the elaborate hairdos and hats of ladies from high society. This tradition in fashion continues today. These remarkably, vibrant plumes are wonderful for decorating at wedding receptions, anniversaries, parties, corporate events, bridal & baby showers, costumes & masks, jewelry, crafting, and simply adding an elegant touch to your home! Feature these fluffy feathers in your event centerpieces, bouquets, other decorations, and much more for a soft, stylish, and stunning look. 

History Fun Fact

Did you know that among the treasures that went down with the Titanic was a shipment of forty cases of feathers? In fact, in today’s money, that valuable cargo would have been worth approximately $2.3 million dollars, and only diamonds were more valuable in weight than feathers. What was the reason for so many feathers? The hat craze, of course! Women would even wear whole birds on their heads. Although used much differently today, feathers continue to be quite fashionable and stylish. Keep reading for more details.

Elegant Ostrich Feathers at Discount Prices

Ostrich feathers are a staple in the event and wedding décor world. These elegant accents add exquisite texture and fine detail to any centerpiece. We provide excellent quality plumes that exceed the texture, softness and appearance of competing wholesale sellers. Many customers come back to purchase multiple bulk quantities because of the superior quality and budget-friendly cost we offer on all our feathers. Our vibrant high quality feathers are perfect for creating stunning feather centerpieces!

Impress everyone, from guests to vendors, with captivating centerpieces and displays that match the tone of the event. We carry ostrich drabs and plumes so you have a variety of sizes to choose from. Different lengths are ideal for producing a full looking bouquet or cascading effect over other arrangements.

Ostrich Drabs

Our 13-16 inch ostrich drabs are extremely popular. The smaller lengths are ideal for miniature centerpieces or to add fullness to a larger bouquet. The mid-range lengths are often preferred for feather centerpieces while the longer sizes are stunning in our tall glass vases.

Ostrich Plumes

When you want some serious length and fullness, you need our gorgeous 18” to 22” ostrich plumes. These feathers are stunning and include bowed tips that hang gracefully when displayed in a tower vase. They also offer excellent width to give your centerpieces that full, luxurious look.

So Many Vibrant Colors 

The plumes are preferred by some because they are harvested from the male ostrich’s wing. They measure between 18” and 22” and tend to have a thicker, fuller appearance. The drabs look a little more slender but are just as gorgeous. They also cost less, which is great for customers who are decorating on a tight budget. The average drab measures between 12” and 15”.

We also offer a stunning rainbow of colors to choose from. Our white drabs and plumes are extremely popular because of their versatility. We also stock a generous selection of unique hues, including black, grey, yellow, orange, gold, red, light pink, flamingo, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, royal, light blue, turquoise, teal, emerald, Kelly green, forest green, purple, lime, lavender, rose, peach, mint, cream, rusty brown, toast and chocolate brown. Our site also lists a handful of fun fluorescent versions that glow under a black light, including green, yellow, hot pink and orange.

Buy in Bulk and Save

If you want to get more feather for your money, buy our plumes and drabs in bulk! We offer low prices on high quality accents so you get the best value every time you order. Our beautiful ostrich feathers are perfect for any kind of event, including bridal showers, wedding receptions, baby showers, anniversary parties, baptisms, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, communions, confirmations, corporate events, birthday parties, retirement parties, Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Sweet Sixteen parties, New Year’s Eve, school reunions, corporate events, family reunions, Miss Quince, Quinceañera, graduation parties, proms and much more!

Browse our ostrich feather category today and find new ways to decorate for every occasion!  Don’t forget to explore our kits, which include feathers plus Eiffel Tower vases, bouquet holders, Floralytes and more!


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