Outdoor LED Lanterns

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Outdoor weddings and parties are a lot of fun, but they also require event décor that’s up to the task. There are more variables at play when you celebrate outside. Wind may blow, rain may fall and the sun may beat down and heat things up. High quality outdoor LED Lanterns are a beautiful way to dress up your tables in an outdoor setting. They offer the same visual appeal as our indoor décor yet are designed to stand up to the elements during the festivities. When properly stored and handled between events, your outdoor lanterns can survive for years so you get a great return on your investment.

Just like our other lantern categories, our outdoor selection is enormous and full of unique designs! There’s a lot to love here, which is why you should consider shopping early so you can find creative ways to show off these beautiful lights. Styles like our open wire work outdoor lantern are appealing thanks to their modern look and intricate design. If you prefer something more traditional, try our plastic black outdoor lantern or our peaked models.

We also carry lovely school house lanterns that feature clear globes with a basic wire and metal exterior. A solid bottom and cap provide a platform while two wires hold them together, securing the glass inside. Their wide shape is lovely with elegant curves and a classic style that works so well with any color scheme or pattern you choose for your gathering.

Fine detailing can go a long way when selecting the right outdoor party decorations. Our round outdoor lanterns are a must-see! This fabulous design starts with a cylinder of dark metal. The bottom is flat and solid while the smooth sides are cut into a repeating scrollwork inspired pattern. The open spaces allow the light to shine out, highlighting the pattern further and creating a spectacular scene for your guests! Each includes a U-shaped wire handle. This model is available in small 7.5” and large 12.5” sizes.

Outdoor LED lanterns are a great choice because they are reliable and practical. There’s no open flame so you don’t have to worry about a stray breeze blowing out your candles. No fire also means your guests stay safer. Even if the candle falls over, it won’t burn nearby objects or spill melted wax. The luminary always retains its size and shape so it looks just as realistic and complete as it did the first day you used it! Outdoor lanterns in this category include LED candles so you have everything you need to get things started.

If you’re searching for the best LED lanterns for your event, start right here! These lights look just as eye-catching inside as they do outside. They will add more versatility to your décor collection and will provide an extra layer of light to any setting. Accent lighting will help bring out the other decorations you display while enhancing atmosphere for your guests. Explore our collection now to find great prices on elegant outdoor LED lanterns for your event!

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