Metal LED Lanterns

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When you want durability and beauty in your event décor, you need metal lanterns. Our LED collection features gorgeous designs that are sure to stand out no matter where your party is hosted. These designs range from exquisitely elegant to charmingly rustic and present different sizes, finishes, shapes and patterns so it’s easy to find a look to match your venue. We understand how important it is to customize your event décor. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering a number of high quality metal LED lanterns so you have many options to make your celebration one to remember!

The right décor is very important if you want to have a strong impact with guests. Smaller details like accent lighting can go a very long way, which is why metal lanterns are so popular. Metal is strong, simple to use and can last for years when properly handled and stored. That means you get a great return on your event accessory investment. These styles will look right at home in a church, fancy restaurant or in a backyard party! You can even get creative and come up with new ways to customize your luminaries. Try adding ribbons, flowers and vines or display in new areas to give guests a setting that matches the tone and importance of the gathering.

Our metal LED lantern collection has a lot to offer. If you prefer something traditional, try our peaked outdoor lanterns. This model stands 15” high and is available in cases of four. Each includes a peaked roof with a single hoop at the top for hanging and display purposes. The sides are clear so the candle hidden inside can throw rich, warm light in all directions. If you prefer a little more detail, try our single crisscross metal lanterns or our nostalgic metal lantern with Edison style bulb. 

We also offer a number of distressed white metal lanterns that are perfect for weddings with lighter or pastel hues. Some are smaller like our open basket lantern which stands 8.5” and includes vertical ribbons of metal that create a pear like shape. If you love white but want something more elaborate, try our antiqued white metal birdcage lanterns. We offer multiple styles that measure from 9” to 15” and include slender bars and repeating patterns with a touch of Victorian style. Birdcage décor is a popular choice for weddings but can also be displayed at bridal showers, garden parties and other fancy gatherings.

If you prefer more variety when it comes to tone and color, try our woven look metal lanterns. Each set features three distinct colors, each with a woven look formed out of ribbons of metal. There’s black with gold accents, white with gold accents and gray with white accents that look fabulous together or can be split apart for monochromatic or two color arrangements. Each stands 6.22” high and includes a u-shaped handle. We also offer our open work metal lanterns in sets of three colors including black, gray and white. This style features a more modern look with an organic cutout pattern that wraps the whole way around the cylinder shaped base.

There are many, many more metal LED lantern styles available in our collection! Start shopping to find the best decorative lantern for your wedding, party or picnic.

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