Candle Lanterns

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Lanterns are a fun way to brighten your venue or outdoor party space. Our collection of unique luminaries will give you more options when customizing the look and tone of your celebration.

Lighting is very important because it influences safety, comfort and visual appeal. Guests must be able to see clearly as they move through the area, yet lighting should not be so bright that it is uncomfortable or detracts from atmosphere. Our lanterns shouldn’t be the sole light source, but they can enhance light levels anywhere you need them to!

Styles, Materials & Colors Available

Many of our styles feature dark metal in different ways. Our black metal lanterns include slim bands of metal that wrap around clear panels with a matching square chimney on top. If you want something more traditional and exquisite, try our ceramic lanterns in dark brown. These include clear sides with a decorative trim surrounding the top and bottom of each.  Our 7.9” by 7.9” by 15.4” model is very open with metal supports and a curved top that allows light to flow out in all directions!

Wood is another popular material often used to create beautiful lanterns. Our wooden lanterns are just as diverse and serve a similar purpose. Our natural wooden lanterns in brushed white are perfect for rustic or country décor themes. We also carry a 7.48” by 5.51” style with a metal roof and arched window panes on the double door front.  For a more rustic or western look, try our classic 5.9” by 5.9” wooden lanterns with dark metal roof.

We also carry lanterns in other colors so you can fully customize your décor collection. Our red metal lanterns are very bold and include a heart on each side panel. Other red styles are available as well as our cool metal lanterns that feature a more silver gray tone. Start shopping our lantern collection today to find the best luminaries for your big day!

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