Wood LED Lanterns

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Wood lanterns are a very popular event accessory thanks to their versatility and handsome design. There’s something inviting about the rich, warm look of natural woodgrain. Our LED lanterns are available with that same organic charm but without all the dangerous fire hazards that typically come with wax candles and oil lamps. 

What makes LED lanterns safer than other varieties? It all starts with the lack of flame. These luminaries use flameless candles rather than a real burning wick or flammable fuel. Since there’s no open flame you never have to worry about fabrics, paper products or clothing catching. That also means no heat so no one will get burned should the lantern be accidentally knocked off the table. There’s also no melted wax so clean up is much easier. LED candles always hold their shape so they look just as beautiful as they did the day you received them!

Each wooden lantern features a distinct design that works almost anywhere! Whether you prefer rustic country décor or something more modern, you’ll love the way these lanterns dress up your tables and party area. If you prefer traditional elements, check out our small wood lanterns with stainless steel roof. The top is peaked with a short chimney and wire handle. The bottom is built out of handsome wood with open, four paned and crisscross patterns. Each case you order has two of each design so you can add more variety to your venue.

Washed wood lanterns are another wonderful choice that offers a very unique shape with classic personality. The sides form a narrower bottom with a wider top. A graceful metal roof covers the opening while providing a matching hoop to tie on ribbons or hang your LED lantern from. Each measures 14.76” high and includes a 4.5” indoor/outdoor LED candle with timer and soft glow flicker effect. 

Modern and rustic come together to create our stained wood and wire lanterns! This unique event decoration is truly amazing! A slender wire from forms four feet and an open roof while stained wood frames up each side. One side is equipped with a hinged door that latches to keep your candle inside. This model is available in 18” and 14” sizes. Three AAA batteries are included so you can turn your lantern candle on as soon as you set them up! The open design is also appealing when customizing with ribbons and other embellishments. 

Our large wood lantern with stainless steel roof is another alternative that favors squared sides over curves. This model stands 14.2” tall and includes a thick rope handle that adds a very rustic touch. It’s a must-have when celebrating in a barn, on the patio or in an open air venue. Even if you’re in a hall or dining room, these lights will look lovely! They includes open and crisscross designs with hinged doors and 6” LED candles.

Browse our growing LED lantern collection to find the best way to light up your guest tables or any other dark space in any venue!

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