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Smother your tables in the luxurious feel of satin. Our tablecloths offer a high quality fabric that is wrinkle and stain resistant. Each is made in the United States and will help you set the tone and mood for any occasion. Satin has long been cherished for its elegant properties. This material has a glorious shine that catches any nearby lighting to create a stunning presentation that highlights all the objects you place on top of the table. These beautiful poly-satin table covers are perfect for use at a wedding, restaurant, or special event banquet. These table cloths are wrinkle resistant and easy care. Custom sizes and colors are also available upon request. These are high quality table linens, NOT cheap imports.  Also popular is our line of polyester tablecloths and other wedding tablecloths.

You can find a piece to fit any size and shape, from circular to banquet tables. Each shape comes in three or more lengths so you can easily accommodate every table in the house. A long draping of satin can liven up any venue. Let natural sunlight reflect at your open air reception or party or capture the candle and dance floor lighting with delicate fibers. No matter where you place your table coverings, they will look fabulous!

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Customize the setting with our numerous vibrant hues. White satin is gorgeous, but some events require more variety. Add a personal touch to every guest setting by clicking our “Colors” tab to see which dyes are available for the product you need. We have a color for every season and theme. Our gold add a glorious glow while fiery reds, majestic purples and pleasant blues offer even more shades to choose from.

Get more out of your satin accessories by trying a double layered look. These cloths can be used alone, but look even fuller and more extravagant when you add a square tablecloth or organza overlay to the top. Each comes in multiple colors so you can easily create a fetching arrangement that adds any character you want to your event. Make a space cheerful, lively, elegant, sophisticated or sleek simply be incorporating a new color into your décor.

Convenience can help alleviate the stress of planning a wedding or other major gathering. Our tablecloths come with the most convenience you could want out of a table decoration. They are affordable and can be machine washed at home after the event. Don’t waste time and money on a professional cleaning service when you can clean your beautiful satin along with the household laundry! Each is designed to survive long term when properly maintained. That means you can don your beautiful coverings for every event you host each year. Spice up your traditional holiday décor or make a birthday, reunion, retirement or other life milestone celebration a little more memorable. Professional party planners and venue owners can also appreciate the versatility and durability of these products, which are sure to earn repeat clients. Whether you are an individual, organization or business, our satin accessories are ready to help you make the most out of your next gathering!

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Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!