Gel Water Bead Pearls - 12oz Jar

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  • Expands to 15 gallons
  • Earth friendly and recyclable
  • Great substitute for water and soil

One bottle 340g can expand 60 times to 15 gallons Instructions:Pour 50-80 times of water to soak the gems for 4-8 hours. Drain of the the water when the gems have expanded. Put the gems into container and cover plants or flowers roots. Plants only need to be sprayed with water every 2-3 weeks.

If you are still trying to figure out how to fill your favorite clear containers, then you must see our collection of gel water bead pearls. These products are extremely versatile and can fit into any shape container. The finished look is absolutely stunning and will give your tables or venue a boost of color and style!

This unique product isn't standard confetti or rocks. The expanded bead pearl looks similar to a jelly marble. All you have to do is add water. Allow the pieces to soak for approximately four to eight hours then drain off excess liquid. The individual pearls will have expanded and can be placed in your vase or other clear container. Although you don't have to use these in clear bowls, cups and vases, the see through surface is the best way to showcase the unique texture created by the expanded pearls.

Each purchase includes 12 ounces of gel pearls. These will expand to 15 gallons when properly soaked. They are earth friendly and can be recycled. These are intended as a substitute for water and soil when growing plants. The plants only have to be sprayed with water once every two to three weeks when using the pearls.

You can also use this product when displaying cut fresh flowers or other objects in an arrangement. Try adding our bouquet holder with these charming accents tucked around the stem to conceal it. No matter how you use them or which color you choose, our water bead pearls will make any bouquet or display look fascinating!


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