How to Avoid a Wedding Sparkler Disaster

Sparklers are pretty safe, but they can cause damage when used irresponsibly. Approach the wedding sparklers portion of your evening with common sense, and you’ll avoid a wedding sparkler disaster with no problem.  

Follow these wedding sparkler tips, and your event will go off without a hitch!

  • sparkler-photography-06-detail.jpgCheck with your venue – Whether for insurance or safety reasons, some venues don’t allow sparklers. Check before you make plans and purchase your wedding sparklers. You don’t want to be disappointed!
  • Choose the right sparklers – High-quality wedding sparklers burn bright and won’t fizzle out. Plan your exit and estimate how long you’ll need to both experience the fun and get some amazing pictures. Before you buy, check out our guide for choosing the right size sparkler!
  • Put the right person in charge – Avoid a wedding sparkler disaster by putting someone mature, responsible (and sober!) in charge. In addition to safety, this person needs to make sure the sparklers are lit correctly and at the right time. You don’t want to miss your own sparkler exit!
  • Choose the correct lighting method – Use a lighter, candle or another sparkler to light your sparklers, and only light one sparkler at a time. Never use matches! Find more tips on lighting your wedding sparklers safely here. 
  • Carry lit sparklers correctly – Carry sparklers at arm's length, keeping the sparks away from faces, bodies, clothing and flammable materials including alcohol, hair spray and nail polish. Be aware of who and what is around you!
  • Plan your wedding exit – With so many sparklers lit at the same time and focused on the happy couple, you must be careful you don’t get too close! Guests should line up in two rows facing each other. Make sure there is enough room between the two rows so that you can run, walk and stop for pictures without the danger of a spark hitting your clothing or skin.
  • Dispose of sparklers correctly – Did you know the spark from a lit sparkler can reach 3,000°F?! These sparks can’t hurt you, but disposing of the sparklers correctly after the festivities is important for safety. Provide a few buckets of water or sand for guests to place their used sparklers. After sparklers cool completely, they can go in the trash.

Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy Photography.


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