What Size Sparklers Should I Buy?

wholesale-sparklers.jpgFor an explosion of light and excitement at your wedding or special event, you can’t go wrong with sparklers. Who wouldn’t want to play with a golden stream of blazing sparks? Deciding what you need can be tough, though, so we’ve got some tips!

What Size Wedding Sparklers Should You Use?

Sparklers come in different sizes which simply indicates how long they will burn. We’re here to help you decide the size that will work best for your event.

  • #10 Sparklers – These sparklers are the perfect option if you want simple guest favors and fun lighting for individual pictures. With each sparkler lasting about 35 seconds, you’ll have plenty of time to capture the moment!
  • #14 Sparklers – Burning almost twice as long as the #10 Sparklers, this size is the most cost-efficient option for blazing a trail at small gatherings.
  • #20 Sparklers – The most popular wedding sparklers! Finish up your wedding night in style with these #20 sparklers that last more than 90 seconds.
  • #36 Sparklers – You won’t find longer lasting sparklers on the market. These burn for up to three minutes—ideal for large events with lots of guests.
  • Heart Sparklers – A special sparkler for special occasions! Heart Sparklers are 11 inches long, burn for 60 seconds and are a cute alternative at Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversary or Sweet Sixteen parties.

*Pro Tip* To double the fun and make sure you get great photographs, give each guest two sparklers!

Light Up the Night with Our Sparklers

Not all sparklers are the same, that’s for sure. Leave your worries at the door, and enjoy peace of mind with our safe, high-quality sparklers. Some of their features are…

  • A metal wire stem that is easy to hold and won’t burn.
  • A beautiful gold glow that makes you look great!
  • Very little smoke is produced. You can use these sparklers indoors or outdoors!
  • No ash! The sparkler material won’t detach from the metal wire, meaning no mess, no cleanup, no problem.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

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