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Lighted Curtains

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Lighted curtains are an easy way to make an entire area shine! Detail is vital when choosing event lighting. While you may have larger lights to guide guests to their seats, you need something beautiful to make your décor stand out. Our collection of lighted curtains is a wonderful option that will cover a larger space than basic string or table lights yet offer a practical, reusable design. 

We offer a handful of lighted curtains that are ideal for any situation. Some are more unique while others are versatile and work whether you’re planning an elegant wedding, private party or holiday dinner. A little bit of lighting can go a long way, but a whole curtain of lights will go even further!

If you’re looking for a basic lighted curtain, check out our LED light curtain. This version measures 6’ and includes cool white bulbs that are strung along vertical wires. A total of 144 bulbs are added to each curtain so you get great illumination and balanced coverage. These can be dangled freely along walls or backdrops or you can get creative and tie them back with ribbon or tulle to look just like fancy draperies around an entrance or window.

For a white lighted curtain with a little more elegance and detail, check out our organza version. This is very similar to our white LED curtain but includes a wispy layer or organza that diffuses the light gently and adds an enchanting texture to the finished display. This model is stunning and produces the same diamond like illumination that goes so well with a wide range of color schemes and patterns. Hang from a wall, use to highlight a doorway or entrance or hang multiple in rows to create a solid perimeter in an open air venue. 

Event planners looking for a lighted curtain with bold personality, our black LED curtain is a wonderful choice. This model features a similar organza design but using black material instead of white. It’s lined in 200 purple LED bulbs that produce intense shine from behind the thin fabric. The result is a black and purple event accessory that you can hang freely or tie back. This model is great for bachelorette parties, weddings or Halloween parties. Let your personality show with event décor that is sure to stand out!

We also offer a pink LED curtain with an elegant, more delicate look than the purple version. Pink is paired with a pale organza curtain. 200 LED bulbs decorate every inch, producing a fabulous combination of color and texture. This is a great choice for baby showers for girls as well as bridal showers, weddings and bachelorette parties. 

Whether you prefer plain light string curtains or those that come with organza fabric, we have a gorgeous lighting accessory for you! Pair with any of our other event décor and light products or display alone. No matter what you add, these breathtaking curtains will impress guests. Explore our catalog now to find the best lighted curtains for your event!

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