How to Clean a Candelabra

Candelabras are a beautiful, elegant way to light your event, but what happens after the candles are blown out? Wax will likely have dripped, soot may have collected on the base and other stains could be marring the shiny surface of your candelabra. But with a few tips from us, and a little bit of polishing, your candelabra will be back in shape and ready to go for your next party! 


How to Prevent Damage to a Candelabra

  • Buy quality candles (not petroleum-based!) to prevent drips and stains. The cheap dye in some candles can actually stain your candelabra. 
  • Deal with wax drips as soon as they harden. Fresh wax is soft and much easier to remove.
  • Whenever you touch your candelabra, wear gloves—even when you’re cleaning! Oil from bare hands can damage the lacquer finish of your candelabra.
  • Never submerge your candelabra in water. Water can seep in to small cracks and is difficult to remove.

*Pro Tip* - Prevent scratches by using a microfiber or soft cloth to clean wax on metal candelabras. Never use paper towels or hard objects to clean your candelabra.

How to Remove Wax from a Candelabra

No matter how careful you are, you’ll likely have some wax on your candelabra after a few hours of use. Removing wax is not impossible, but may take some patience!

To remove wax from a candelabra:

  • Use hot water to soften difficult wax before wiping off.
  • Carefully heat tough build-ups of wax with a hair dryer. Once the wax melts, wipe off the soft wax with a gentle cloth.
  • Place the waxy area in icy-cold water or freeze with ice packs. Frozen wax is much easier to remove!
  • Warm water can help to remove remaining wax. Use just a little water, some gentle dish soap and a soft cloth to carefully clean what’s left.  

How to Remove Residue from a Candelabra

Wax will be the most likely be your cleaning focus, but soot residue and other stains may need to be removed from your candelabra as well.

To remove residue from a candelabra:

  • Avoid using brass cleaners and metal polish. The components inside these cleaners removes the protective coating of your candelabras exposing them to damage.
  • When you finish washing and cleaning, polish your candelabra with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Don’t use metal polish! Your candelabra most likely has a lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing. Metal polish scratches and degrades the coating.

Keep your candelabra clean and damage free, and they’ll be lighting your events for years to come!

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