Candy Buffet

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Inexpensive yet upscale, apothecary jars can create a noteworthy centerpiece, vibrant candy bar buffet, a memorable sand ceremony jar, or wish jars at your wedding reception, bridal or baby shower, birthday party, as well as unique household design. 


Spice Up Your Décor

Big isn’t always better. In fact, simple accents frequently deliver a great impact at your wedding. Small apothecary jars dressed up with flowers may also serve as favors for bridal showers. Or be creative with a plant terrarium display on your special day. So, add a dash of sophistication to your wedding with our glass apothecary jars from Events Wholesale.

Glass apothecary jars are a gorgeous addition to your table décor! This unique piece features a nostalgic look that will add character and atmosphere in any venue. Whether you’re celebrating indoors or outdoors, these distinctive glass jars will look very impressive.  Now you have even more options when shopping for fabulous event décor because we carry a wide selection of apothecary styles that blend well with both traditional and modern décor!

All Sizes, Shapes, & Seasons

There are many ways to incorporate apothecary jars into your event. Use them to build a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for guest tables, dinner tables, food tables or any other key area within your venue. Fill with potpourri for a hint of aroma or use nuts, fruit or other classic vase fillers. Apothecary jars also look amazing when used to hold toppings and treats at a sundae bar! Kids and adults alike will love seeing the vibrant colors of each candy as they walk by rows of these clear jars.

We have something for every taste and occasion. If you need a spacious storage container for food or other items, try our tall 20.5” candy buffet apothecary jar or our 10.5” tall classic apothecary jar. We also carry smaller sizes so you can fit as many pieces as you need on tables or counters. Each is made out of quality clear glass that can survive for many years when properly handled and stored.

Our three legged apothecary jar is a must-have for Halloween and autumn gatherings, but features a look that is versatile enough to work all year round. Even if you aren’t distributing treats or candies, you can use these eye-catching jars as decorations by filing with sand, pebbles, marbles, water beads or tissue paper. Simply change out the filler and surrounding décor to create an entirely different display for a new event!

Each apothecary jar we carry offers an excellent value for the price. We carry each in convenient case quantities so you can easily get the number you need without over or under buying. Bring a bit of traditional charm to your venue with our all-purpose apothecary jars!

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

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