The Difference Between Ostrich Plumes and Ostrich Drabs

The difference between ostrich plumes and ostrich drabs is important to know before you start looking for the pieces to build your centerpieces. With so many different types and levels of quality in the market, a little bit of knowledge will help you make good purchasing decisions!

ostrich plumeWhat are Ostrich Plumes?

Ostrich plumes are the largest and fullest looking of the ostrich feathers and are recommended for a plush, full centerpiece. Plumes have a thick quill and beautiful hanging tips that convey the elegance and beauty you want for your centerpieces. The ostrich plumes we carry on our website are between 18-29 inches. To give you an idea, a pound of our 18-22" ostrich plumes contains around 100 feathers. That’s enough to create 6 gorgeous centerpieces!

What are Ostrich Feathers?

When you’re on a budget, ostrich drabs or also ostrich tails are an excellent alternative to plumes. Again, make sure you educate yourself before you buy, though. Ostrich drab quality can be very different from company to company. Other companies often sell lower quality seconds, but at Wholesale Event Solutions, our ostrich drabs are always first quality. The most popular ostrich drabs we sell are 13-16 inches, but you can purchase drabs as short as 9 and as long as 24 inches depending on the style of your centerpiece . For comparison to the ostrich plumes, one pound of 13-16 inch drabs will give you around 250 feathers to work with.

ostrich-drabs-centerpiece.jpgAs long as the drabs you purchase are high quality, your centerpieces will look beautiful, and you’ll be stay on budget!

We’ve put together a list of questions you should ask before deciding where to buy your ostrich feathers.

  • Am I buying ostrich plumes or drabs?
  • Are the feathers first quality or seconds?
  • Are the feathers hand sorted and steamed?
  • Approximately how many feathers will come in a half pound? In a pound?
  • Are the colors dyed in the United States?

**Pro Tip** Request a feather sample before placing a large order. On less reputable sites, what you see on the website is not always what you get!

Whether you choose high-quality, grade-A ostrich plumes or first-quality drabs, you can purchase them by the pound or in kits in any color you can imagine from our website. Contact us here for more info!

At Wholesale Event Solutions, we carry only the highest quality ostrich feathers on the market—far exceeding the quality of most of our competitors. Our ostrich feathers are first quality and are hand selected, sorted and steamed. This is why our customers purchase from us again and again!

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