Shasta Semi-Commercial 23" Chocolate Fountain

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23 inches high

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usa.jpgAdd a bit of flair to your cafe', coffee shop or restaurant with this smaller semi-commercial chocolate fountain (see comparison chart below). You can also run this chocolate fountain as an accent chocolate fountain for white chocolate and more. Designed to run on as little as 5 lbs. of fountain chocolate, you will love the ease and cleanup of this chocolate fountain. Made of all stainless steel, the Shasta Chocolate Fountain features: No tools needed for assembly/disassembly Detachable power cord Stainless steel construction Runs on minimal chocolate for little to no waste One Year Warranty Doesn't include case Note: Our Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains work well for certain situations, but please see the comparison chart link below. Please also note the following differences between our Pro Series Commercial and Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains. Chocolate: While we suggest SF Signature Fountain Chocolate for all our chocolate fountains, Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains can break if you put the wrong type of chocolate in the fountain. Use: Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains are not designed for heavy use (buffets, weekly rentals, etc.). Stainless steel: Our Pro Series Commercial chocolate fountains come with thicker grade 304 grade stainless steel; Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains are slightly lighter duty. Warranty: Pro Series Commercial chocolate fountains come with a limited lifetime warranty; the Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains have a one-year warranty Weight/Motor Quality: Pro Series Commercial chocolate fountains have commercial grade motors which will turn at much higher RPM's Cases: Pro Series Commercial chocolate fountains come with carrying cases; Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains do not Parts: You can get replacement parts for our Pro Series Commercial chocolate fountains; Due to the nature of their design, we only stock limited Semi-Commercial chocolate fountain parts Resale Value: Pro Series Commercial chocolate fountains will generally hold 60-70% of their value, but Semi-Commercial chocolate fountains do not have an used market.

Our Shasta semi-commercial chocolate fountain is a durable way to give your guests the most delicious flavors imaginable. Your guests will use more than just their eyes to experience your celebration. They will smell aromas and taste cuisine that will enhance the way they remember the occasion. A chocolate fountain offers the most elegant presentation for both the eyes and the taste buds!

This model is made to last. Each component is constructed of thick 304 grade stainless steel. The exterior is polished to give off a luxurious shine while the powerful metal build keeps the unit together and functioning, even when used at numerous events. Each is protected by a one year warranty and is designed for personal use. This product is not intended for buffets or businesses, but the strong design can stand up to frequent use.

A shiny base features an even, cylindrical shape with a wider rim that catches chocolate as it sills down over the three layered top. Each later is slender but includes a subtle curve that keeps the melted confection moving. A thick stem supports the top so your chocolate waterfall remains upright and ready to serve. This model can operate on as little as 5 pounds of chocolate and is very easy to clean up after the event.

Make every gathering something special by including this tempting device. A tower of flowing chocolate is visually stunning and allows guests to help themselves to delightful treats smothered in smooth chocolate!


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