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Chocolate Fountains

The chocolate fountain is the trademark of a high class celebration. Our website offers many sophisticated and elegant décor items, including these luxurious confection pouring displays. You can discover multiple designs, each providing a unique size and shape that will blend beautifully with any décor style or setting. Whether you are celebrating out in the open air or under the roof of your favorite venue, we can guide you to décor and serving accessories that will make a strong impression with guests and vendors.

What could be better than owning your own chocolate waterfall? Rather than renting, consider purchasing your own unit. These models are designed to last a long time so you can set them up for every event you host in years to come. Make a birthday, shower or anniversary party even more enticing with the savory flavor of chocolate. The best part is that each fountain is both a serving tool and a décor item so you get multiple functions with just one purchase.

Our smallest model stands 21” and includes a dark urn-shaped base with three tapered tiers. Each level is defined by a deep upside down metal cup that guides the melted chocolate downward to form a solid curtain of temptation. Our two mid-range models measure 23” and 26.5” and also include multiple tiers.

If you really want to make your food tables stand out, our Arctic Semi-Commercial chocolate fountain stands 30” and is made to be both durable and eye-catching. This model features four slender layers with a flat tip. The surface is polished to create a metallic shine which complements the dark hue of sweet chocolate. We don’t recommend adding any extra accents to the upper portion, but the base can sit among candles, floral arrangements or other materials that add color and showcase the attractive personality of your fountain.

Many of our models are also designed to keep costs down by utilizing smaller quantities of chocolate. The confection is used sparingly so you get less waste while your guests get to indulge in their favorite treats. Most models are intended for personal use only. Please see the individual product specifications to determine if the unit will work for your intended purpose. With proper care you can enjoy this product for many years, making each new celebration a little sweeter!

Don’t forget to add fine detail to your food layout to give the chocolate fountain the best possible presentation. We also sell metallic chargers that can sit under trays of your favorite dipping ingredients. Make every event you host one to remember by shopping our affordable selection of high quality items that are both beautiful and practical for any occasion!

Champagne Fountains

Décor and food are usually two separate items that must be considered when planning an event. Our catalog includes items that bring these two components together so you get a fine presentation as well as a practical tool that serves a purpose. Our champagne fountains are a unique way to give your guests a sample of your favorite beverages. No ladles or servers are needed because these products keep the liquid flowing.

Our home model is made of clear plastic. This unit is lightweight, but looks fascinating with three upper tiers consisting of different sized shallow bowls that catch the beverage before allowing it to pour down into the next section. A larger bowl makes up the base so the 23.5” unit stands tall without leaning. Your guests can watch each drop spill down in fascinating tendrils until it reaches the bottom and makes its way back up through the hollow middle.

This unit is affordable and includes a lightly scalloped base that contains a small mood light. The illumination changes color automatically, lighting up the crystal clear plastic surface as well as the beverage contained above. Your purchase includes eight matching cups that make it a perfect choice for smaller gatherings. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, this unit is also perfect for punch, juice or any other delicious beverage.

If you are looking for a heavy duty fountain, then our heated model may be a better choice for your event. This model stands 17” tall and can hold one gallon of wine, cider, punch, juice or whatever beverage you want to put in it. The exterior is solid with a lovely metallic glint. The middle is wider, with an elegant profile and tiny openings around the top tier that form spouts. Guests can place a cup under an opening to fill it quickly so they can get back to socializing.

This model is packaged with a 90 day warranty and features a convenient heater. Turn up the temperature to heat up the contents or keep it cool for refreshing beverages. Constructed of stainless steel, this fountain is sure to last many years. Enjoy it during any season, adjusting the temperature so your guests stay comfortable as they enjoy their drinks.

Explore our product list to find many items that can complement your champagne fountain. We also carry chocolate fountains as well as table accents that can be placed around each to create a stunning display. Your guests will adore the atmosphere and savor the flavors as they sip and sample each delicious tidbit! Pair with our metallic chargers or beautiful centerpieces to make your venue look absolutely gorgeous!

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