Scamozzi Columns

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Embellish your wedding décor with ornate Scamozzi Columns from Events Wholesale. With their decorative scrolls and spiral volutes, Scamozzi Columns create an elegant background for any formal event.

Scamozzi Columns: Classic to Current

Developed during the Renaissance, and with inspiration derived from Greco & Roman cultures, Scamozzi columns showcase decorative scrolls and spiral volutes. Scamozzi capital columns can still be seen in architecture today, majestically decorating front porches and other parts of residences, displayed in both interior and exterior designs.

Some events require a unique display worthy of the occasion. Whether you are planning a wedding or other major celebration, a column is an excellent way to draw attention and impress your guests. Our website carries a number of exquisite pieces, including traditional and modern designs. If you really need something original to add elegance and charm to your event, then our “Scamozzi Columns” category is a great place to start.

This category contains many beautiful products that feature their own rich personalities. A modern theme can be complemented by our sunlight columns. This unique arrangement features a square pillar with flat top and bottom. The corners are solid while the middle is covered in clear fiberglass rods and curtains. The shimmering effect catches nearby lighting and creates the most alluring light show.

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