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Illuminate Your Event with Flameless Candle Sets

We make it easy to get all the light you need for your event with our flameless candle sets! You can pick and choose individual luminaries or you can save time by choosing sets for your venue. Each is crafted from high quality materials and built to last. Reusable lights can help reduce the amount of waste produced at every party, wedding or gathering you host. Save time and get a better return on your event décor investment with our sets of LED candles!

Versatile Sizes and Styles for Decorating

Each set offers a matching series of luminaries, usually in varied sizes. Multiple sizes are wonderful when building a centerpiece or adding detail to tables and more. You can choose the right height for specific areas or display them all together to create an elegant tiered effect that produces layers of warm light. Give yourself more options when decorating by skipping the individuals and going straight to our candle sets!

This category includes a number of convenience LED models. If you prefer pure white, our straight edge flameless candles are a beautiful choice. This model looks like a pillar with a flat bottom and equally flat rim around the top. The middle is indented to provide a place for the LED bulb to sit. An amber glow is produced with realistic flicker effect. Our straight edge models always look like a brand new wax candle that hasn’t been used yet!

If you prefer a more traditional look, try our wavy edge flameless candles. We carry a white set that matches the straight edge version but with a rim that looks uneven. The effect is subtle yet appealing. It looks like your luminaries have been gently used even though they never actually melt down! Each looks exactly as it did the day you ordered it so you get that same amazing presentation at every new event.

Warm up your décor by going for our bisque candle sets. This color is just as versatile as white but offers a warmer, richer appearance. Our stunning bisque drip LED pillar candles adds even more detail to the finished product. Our large melted edge flameless candles stand tall on tables and blend well with any color scheme or décor style you prefer.

Benefits of Flameless Candles

Flameless candles offer many conveniences that you simply do not get with wax. They require no open flame so your guests never have to worry about fire hazards. There’s also no unpleasant smoke produced so everyone can breathe comfortably. They stay cool to the touch so you can pick them up as soon as the last guest has left. There’s no waiting for wax to cool or walking around to extinguish flames. They stay lit for the duration of the event – even when placed next to an open window or drafty doorway!

Our flameless candle set category can help you find the sizes and styles you need for any occasion. Choose a collection with multiple sizes to build tiered centerpieces and more or combine single size cases. There are many ways to turn your venue into the perfect party spot with our LED candles! Start shopping now and find the perfect set of lights for your next event.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!