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Candelabra Lighters and Accesories

Lighters and candle accessories are a must-have for anyone planning an event with candlelight. The alluring glow and flicker of a natural flame has long been associated with romance and special occasions.  For centuries, human beings have been using candles to read, see, worship and add atmosphere.  They are a symbol of warmth and create coziness that electric lights simply can’t match. If you are planning a major event like a wedding, then you should consider incorporating candles into the celebration. Our lighters and accessories are made to be used with our floor candelabras or tabletop candleabras.

The good news is that you aren’t stuck with traditional wax candles if you don’t want them. While some people still prefer the classic candle, modern technology has introduced some practical newcomers to the party scene. Our candle collection includes some of the most convenient and dependable wax and flameless lights available.

Try lighting your venue with our rechargeable LED votives. Each features a look that’s similar to a real wax votive with a flame shaped tip that glows a rich golden amber. The difference is that there’s no risky open flame and each can be controlled using a remote so you don’t have to visit each candle for a relight halfway through the festivities.

Mechanical Candles

Our mechanical candles are a popular choice for candelabras. This unique style includes a hard case with a wax insert. As the wick burns down, a mechanism inside slowly pushes the wax insert up so the wick remains perched right on top.  The look is just like real wax candles but without the drippy mess!

Candle Lighters

It’s easy to overlook the candle lighter. Make sure you don’t fall victim to this common oversight by keeping at least a few on hand. That way multiple people can light the candles at guest tables to save time. And you’ll always have one accessible in case a wick is accidentally blown out!

Candle lighters are much easier to use than pocket lighters. Each includes a longer metal stem with curved tip so you can reach candles without leaning over the table or other burning wicks. Some are even equipped with a built-in snuffer so you need one tool to handle your candles!

Our candle accessories collection also includes glass votive hangers, low profile candelabra adaptors, candle chimneys, lighter wicks, mechanical candle bags and much more! Make sure you’re ready to keep your event candles burning by shopping our selection of reliable candle accessories and lighters! 

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