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18" Mechanical Candles


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Enjoy the warm, natural look of true candlelight without the wax mess with our mechanical candles! Traditional all wax candles look beautiful, but they can add a lot of hassle to the cleanup process. As the candle melts, it loses its shape and shortens. It also tends to drip and create pools of hot wax which can damage table linens, décor and clothing. Mechanical candles give you that same natural look without the difficult-to-clean wax mess!

Our 18” mechanical candles come in white and use CR-250 and CR-280 refills. The concept behind the mechanical candle is simple yet clever. The actual candle consists of a stylish casing that is shaped and textured to look like a traditional wax candle. The center is hollow with an opening at the tip.

Each is equipped with a mechanism that moves a platform hidden inside the candle. When you add a brand new refill, the wax insert pushes the platform downwards so the wick rests right at the opening. As the candle burns down, the platform slides up to hold the wick in the same position so the candle always looks tall and bright. The result is a clean burn that doesn’t create dripping wax down the sides of the candle.

Mechanical candles never burn down and can be used again and again. This model measures 7/8” in diameter. Check out our selection of mechanical candle refills so you can get everything you need at a great price in one convenient package!

Product SKU: MC-18

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!

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Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered at a lower price elsewhere, let us know and we will match it!