Peacock Feathers

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Our shimmery, lustrous peacock feathers make the perfect centerpiece for weddings, special events, costume parties, crafting projects, and more. Adorn your wedding bouquet or masquerade mask or upgrade your flower arrangement with our stunning array of peacock plumage to make your event décor pop.

Wholesale Peacock Feathers at Discount Prices

The iridescent and vibrant hues of a peacock’s feathers have been a source of aesthetic admiration for thousands of years. Due to the scientific make-up of the peacock feather, it will not fade but stands the true test of time. This long-standing tradition of one of nature’s most beautiful creations continues today with Events Wholesale. 

Believed by many to be good luck, peacock feathers with their bold markings make a vibrant and impressive addition to centerpieces and floral arrangements. Their colors are striking, with deep iridescent green color and an "eye" pattern at the tip that exhibits hues of brilliant blue, green, amber and purple. Our 30-35" hand-selected peacock tails are available in bulk at discount prices.

Peacock feathers have long been prized as one of the most luxurious and beautiful objects found in nature. For centuries, this alluring bird has been used by numerous cultures as symbols and played a role in many popular folklore tales. Perhaps it comes as no surprise considering just how gorgeous the peacock’s plumage is.

Elegant Feather Decorations

Modern event planners have discovered that the peacock feather is one of the most stunning ways to enhance décor. Brides and grooms can use these gorgeous embellishments as part of their centerpieces and the bridal party’s floral accessories. Even a small piece of one long feather can completely transform a boutonniere or corsage and add fine detail to the individual’s appearance. A few feathers can be added to displays or laid out on tables to create depth.

While they are popular at weddings, peacock feathers can make almost any occasion look spectacular. Enhance a family gathering or holiday dinner by including these on the table or among the nearby décor. Our products offer a high level of quality so they can stand up to whatever test you put them through. Wear them in your hair as part of an up do or place them out in the open so guests can get a glimpse of the lavish patterns and soft sides

Different Styles to Choose From

We offer two different styles that provide you with limitless decorating options. Our natural tail swords are slender and long, standing approximately 20” to 25” tall. Each ends with a slim tip and is best used as a subtle embellishment or filler piece. If you want something that will grab attention, then our large eye tails are a must-have item for your event. This style measures 30” to 35” long and includes a wider surface area than the swords. Each starts with a sparse base that grows denser near the top.

The tip is where all the unique beauty is found. The flat end fans gently, showcasing the single piercing eye that sits beneath it. Each eye pattern consists of an ebony middle lined in an iridescent iris. Some color variation may be noticed between feathers, but each will feature an amber, green, blue or purple hue that shimmers in any lighting. Lighter bands encircle the design, drawing even more attention to it. Use just the eye-covered tip or incorporate the entire length into any display or décor project.

Order your feathers today so you can discover the many ways that our luxurious embellishments can make your event even more eye-catching! We sell larger quantities so you get plenty and can save money on the overall purchase. Make your celebration as luxurious and memorable as possibly be adding these classic décor items to your collection!

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