How to Decorate a Wedding Colonnade

wedding-colonnade-decor.jpgColors, lighting, flowers and decorations—there's a lot to think about when you’re thinking about how to decorate a wedding colonnade! As the first thing most people will see when they enter your event, and the focal point of your ceremony, creating the perfect look is a balancing act. You might need to use your wedding colonnade to downplay negative aspects of your venue while not visually overpowering the bride and groom. Decorating your colonnade will take a bit of work, but our handy shortcuts will help you create the perfect wedding backdrop.

Use these ideas or let them inspire you. There's no limit to what you can do with your colonnade!

  • Choose colors to match or complement the wedding color scheme. Use lighter colors for your backdrop and deeper colors for the colonnade decorations.
  • Dress the columns with drapes or hang them around the back to add to the backdrop.
  • Decorate your colonnade with flowers. Match the flowers and vases used to decorate your colonnade with the flowers and vases used throughout the venue.
  • Place flowers on pedestals or hang them from the arches. Silk flowers are more vibrant and less expensive than fresh flowers, and they can be used again. Also, no worrying about wilting or petals falling off!  
  • Highlight your colonnade with creative lighting. Use close, low spotlights to add dramatic shadows and a beautiful 3D appearance to the columns. Use normal white lights or lights that match the wedding color scheme. Small candles can be used to add shimmering light, but read our safety tips for wedding candles before using flames.
  • If the venue is outside during the day, consider stringing a drape across the top of the arch to shade the bride and groom.
  • Hanging beads, lights, flowers or even a high chandelier from the arch system enhances the scene and illuminates those standing in front.
  • Tie ribbons around the arches to complement the theme. Wrap lights around the columns or string ropes across the top. 

However you choose to decorate your wedding colonnade, make it your own!

*Pro Tip* - Creatively use decorations or pipe and drape to hide walls and windows so your wedding colonnade is the focus of the room. Visit your venue at the same time of day that your event will be held to get an idea of lighting.

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