Guide to Wedding Columns and Arches

Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan… Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn Italian to choose the right wedding columns and arch. Start with your style and the visual presentation you want for your wedding. Match that with our descriptions of each type of column, and you’ll be all set!

Empire Columns

Our most popular column, Empire columns add the perfect level of formality to an event.  Use one, two or as many as you want depending on your purpose and design.

  • Pair columns to form a colonnade, or use them individually to draw attention to certain areas in your venue.
  • Empire columns are inexpensive and can be used for a variety of settings.
  • Empire columns look beautiful just as they are, so if you choose not to decorate your columns, they’ll still look wonderful.

Classic Columns

Classic columns have a clean look with just a little flourish. These columns work best in venues that have a lot of visual activity or if you are looking forward to decorating your columns in your own style.

  • Choose a round, square or Ionic cap! Columns and caps are interchangeable.
  • Purchase different sizes based on the ceiling height and space in your venue.
  • Use different sizes to add layers and depth to your presentation!

Tuscan Columns

Tuscan columns are the simplest columns, modeled after the oldest and most simple architectural form practiced in ancient Italy.

  • Tuscan columns will complement any venue and provide a blank slate for decoration.
  • The different sizes of columns allow for delightful mix-and-match.
  • The Tuscan-style colonnade comes in both a full and half-size depending on your preference.

Graeco-Roman Style Colonnade Arch

For a classic look, choose the Graeco-Roman Style Colonnade Arch. This style is better suited to more formal events.

  • The perfect backdrop for pictures at your reception, the arches in this colonnade won’t reflect, regardless of the lighting.
  • With four columns and two arches in this set, you have the opportunity to many explore different decorating options like lighting and floral stands.
  • Use this colonnade indoors or outdoors, it will look great no matter where you put it! 

If the four traditional styles aren’t for you, consider metal columns and arches or crystal columns. No matter what your style, you’ll find the perfect set of columns or colonnade for your event. 

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