Charger Plates

Our charger selection is the perfect way to showcase your delicious tidbits so that they blend with the décor. Whether you prefer a fancy or casual event, we have decorative items that will give you the atmosphere you desire at a price that lets your budget breathe easily.

Wholesale Charger Plates

It is very easy to overlook the finer details that make your venue look exquisite. Make sure you have everything covered, right down to the dishes.

You can prepare trays or plates of hors d’voeures, cookies, candies or whatever edibles you plan to offer to guests. While this is practical, it leaves something to be desired in terms of presentation. Our charger plates are the perfect way to enhance your food tables without taking up too much space or spending too much money!

The charger takes almost no effort to use. Simple place your charger on the table with the plate or tray full of food on top. The edges should extend beyond the upper layer so a hint of shiny color is visible that outlines the savory treats. This layered effect adds fullness to any food table and gives your photographer more ways to capture the tone and personality of your event on film.

You can also place a charger on tables as a base for centerpieces. Other areas can also be enhanced with these eye-catching plates. Try organizing your favors, table cards, name tags or other items you wish to distribute to guests on a charger. Everyone will admire the presentation as they take their gift.

Great For Weddings

These items are very popular at weddings and other important life milestone events, but they are not limited to these occasions. Use them again during the holidays to enhance cookie or snack trays when family visits. Get them out for the family reunion or make your corporate event look more professional and refined with subtle table décor.

We currently offer square and circular models. Both include silver and gold leaf versions. Each gives off a luxurious shimmer thanks to its highly polished surface and delicate texture. The round plates measure 13” in diameter while our square version includes an 11.75” square size. That provides you with plenty of surface area to arrange anything from favors and name tags to cookies or candy.

Start shopping today so you can discover more ways to enjoy your chargers! These products have so many uses and are designed to last when properly cleaned and stored. Enhance your décor collection and give your guests the finest presentation for any event. No matter how big or small your celebration may be our chargers will accentuate the venue and lavish tables with the fabulous glint of gold or silver.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, let us know, and we will match it!