Aisle & Unity Candelabras

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Illuminate your event with our stunning and versatile aisle candelabras. Perfect for weddings, religious ceremonies, or any significant occasion these elegant luminaries are crafted to complement various settings and accommodate different candle types.

Wholesale Aisle Candelabras

Aisle candelabras can take any plain or common venue and transform it into something special. These stunning luminaries are designed to hold candles that must stay close to rails or pews. Each is equipped with the necessary tools to grip wood and metal surfaces without leaving a mark or scratch behind after the event. All our products are built with the best materials and offer commercial level quality that lasts. Whether you own the venue, belong to a party planning company or are an individual who needs to dress up an important event, our aisle candelabras are an excellent way to light any space. View our other floor candelabras.

Many different styles are available that cater to a wide range of settings. Choose from sleek nickel, traditional brass, luxurious onyx bronze or simple white hues. Each finish offers a solid, unbroken color that will look pristine even after many uses. After a quick wipe down with a dry cloth, our aisle candelabras are ready to perform for your guests. Many are adjustable so you can set them up with a wide range of heights for safety and decorative purposes.

Wedding Candelabras at Discount Prices

Weddings and other religious ceremonies are made even more memorable with the soft flicker of flame. There is something welcoming about the warm golden glow and gentle movements of real candles. Modern venues can also try LED and mechanical candles with aisle candelabras. These look just as natural but may be a safer and more economical choice, especially when used for multiple events. Our aisle lanterns are also equipped with custom feet that won’t block walkways or become a hazard for guests walking by or sliding into their seats.

Add your own beautiful customizations to recreate the look of our sturdy candelabras. Attaching a bouquet, vine, wreath or bough can give the presentation organic appeal without physically altering the structure of the venue accessory. Simply untie and apply a new adornment each time you want to update or alter the tone and personality of your candelabra! It can take a matter of seconds to completely change the appearance of any aisle candelabra.

Our online catalog offers a tremendous selection that covers every style you could possibly need. Along with the four color options, our aisle candelabras are also designed to accommodate different candle types. Choose one with an adapter for a pillar candle or stick with a slender taper or short votive model. Our graceful willow line includes lovely hooks that support a dangling light. Units with a teardrop design feature exquisite rounded curves that add elegance in crystal clear glass.

Find an aisle candelabra that can do it all by exploring our product list. You will find a luminary that looks stunning no matter where you set it up! Add a low profile adapter so your aisle model can become a freestanding unit anytime you need an extra light. Let our aisle candelabras make your next event a memorable occasion!

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