Wine & Martini Vases

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Create a distinct impression when offering your guests their favorite beverages with our decorative glassware. Customize cocktail hour at your wedding or other special occasions, such as bachelorette or holiday parties, wedding showers, or corporate events, with our durable and gorgeous glassware in hand. One of the main highlights of your wedding is the toast, so be sure to check out our classy and chic martini glasses. Whether you need sparkling wine, classic champagne, or long-stemmed martini glass vases, Events Wholesale assuredly takes the cake! 

Easily Recognizable Iconic Design

Wine and martini glasses could easily be considered an icon of parties and celebration. Our glass vase collection includes a selection of fabulous designs that are inspired by these beautiful long stemmed glasses! Guests will love the upbeat, fun atmosphere produced by centerpieces and accent décor showcasing these recognizable shapes.

Gift Ideas

There are many ways to create a spectacular display with our wine and martini vases. Our selection has a variety of sizes and styles so you can easily find the perfect look for your gathering. Get a good laugh at a bachelorette party or wedding shower with oversized martini glasses or use them to create unique gifts for friends, family or the bridal party! The larger size can be filled with goodies and small gifts then wrapped in beautiful paper or colored plastic.

Creative Arrangements

You can also build a stunning centerpiece that will leave guests in awe! Start with a wine or martini glass then fill with a floating candle or our shimmering water gel beads. Get as creative as you like by coming up with your own original arrangement! Just like our other glass vases, these lovely containers can last for years when properly cleaned and handled. That means you can use them again at future parties so you get a better return on your event décor investment.

Our large martini vases come in case quantities and sizes that range from 10” to 23”. Our elegant wine glass vases start at around 16” and run as tall as 24”. Some are robust and curvy while others showcase a more angular, modern look. No matter which you choose, your glasses will look breathtaking in any setting! Place them at the center of tables and add flowers or use as an accent piece by arranging alongside bigger displays or on other tables, like the food or dessert table. Also explore our diverse vase filler and candle collection to find many ways to customize the look of your wine and martini glass vases!

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

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