White Candelabras

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White Table Candelabras

Bright colors are great, but they aren’t always appropriate for every event. Our white candelabra collection can provide you with many eye-catching products that feature a completely pale hue. White can be extremely beautiful when used on elegant curls and delightful scrollwork pieces. This is also one of the most symbolic colors you can use at your event. The white wedding dress symbolizes purity while white flowers can represent innocence. There have been many different meanings behind the color throughout the centuries. That’s also why white is often used heavily at wedding ceremonies. Our candelabras can give you another way to incorporate white into your event with plenty of customization options. View our other table candleabras.

Too much white can come across as a bit plain or boring. Our all-white products also feature lovely glass elements as well as spaces for extra decoration. The 1 light teardrop centerpiece is highlighted by a single teardrop votive holder that can accommodate a disposable or standard votive as well as a floating candle. Colored candles can be used or a length of bright fabric could be tucked around the base to create a stunning contrast. Our 32” tabletop candelabra includes a gathering of hooks that hang under each candle. These provide an excellent space to add an ornament, ribbon or hanging sign for guests to enjoy.

Elegant Table Centerpieces

The best part about buying a white candelabra is the versatility it offers. Any mood or personality can be created by adding the right combination of secondary colors or subtle embellishments. The luminary can also make appearance at baby and bridal showers, anniversary parties and many other events that you may plan in the future. All of our candelabra models are designed to last for years or longer. Each is built with commercial grade materials. That means they are designed to stand up to the rigors of a business as well as the demands of a one-time personal event.

Tabletop candelabras also offer an inexpensive way to enhance your white focused décor. These models start at under $50 each and offer just as much exquisite beauty without all the initial cost. You can easily store these compact luminaries and use them again at future events and gatherings. All you need is a few candles and a lighter to make these beauties vibrant. Choose from teardrop votive holders, taper holders and pillar holders. Our white models come in all sizes and varieties.

Many of our white candelabra models also come in other colors. Click on the item to find out if it is available in onyx bronze, nickel or brass finishes. Whether you choose white or one of our other captivating colors, your candelabra will look absolutely gorgeous every time you set it up!

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