What Size Cake Stand Do I Need?

Your cake stand will make or break your cake, literally! The right size cake stand enhances the elegance of your cake, highlighting the detailed artistry you so carefully chose and creating a smooth transition from the cake to the plate. But the wrong size cake stand can destroy your beautiful cake’s foundation, leaving a collapsing mess. Save the day (and your cake!) by following our tips for choosing the best size cake stand.

Your Cake, Your Cake Stand

wedding-cake-stand.jpgThe size and shape of your cake stand ultimately depends on your cake. Usually, you will choose your cake first, then your cake stand. Cake stands come in all shapes, sizes and designs! But if your cake stand is an heirloom, or if you’ve already purchased one, take it with you to tastings. Your baker will need to see it before designing your cake.

When asking the question what size cake stand do I need, keep these tips in mind:

  • The size of your cake stand should be the same as or slightly larger than the bottom layer of your cake. Never use a cake stand smaller than the bottom tier of your cake!
  • For simply decorated cakes, go with an equally-sized cake stand. If your cake has large embellishments, choose a cake stand that is larger than the bottom layer of the cake.
  • Make sure the top supporting plate of your cake stand is flat. Even minor dips can damage the foundation of your cake.
  • If the design of your cake requires the cake board to extend beyond your cake, you’ll need to buy a larger cake stand to accommodate the cake board!

Before purchasing your cake stand, discuss your thoughts with your baker. As they design your cake, they can keep in mind what you need and want for your cake presentation. 

*Pro Tip* - In most cases, your cake stand should be the same size as the cake board used to create the cake. Match your cake stand size to your cake board size to be safe.

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