Value LED Lanterns

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Value LED lanterns are a great way to get gorgeous lighting at a low price for your wedding or party. The traditional lantern is a very popular event accessory thanks to its versatility and glowing personality. Our models feature a number of unique visual elements that allow you to completely customize the way your venue looks without going beyond your budget. Each case you order contains multiple lanterns that range from four to a dozen (depending on size and model selected). Shop our low priced LED lantern collection now to find the perfect set to match your venue!

Our value lanterns come in a number of shapes and sizes, starting with smaller models like our 6.1” square black plastic lanterns. This model features a traditional peaked roof with a single hoop that can be used for hanging, holding or decorating. Tie on ribbons, raffia or embellishments or stick to a simpler presentation with no extras at all! The lantern itself is very handsome and features a solid black color that matches any style you choose. This model even comes with a 2” wavy edge votive in bisque.

We also offer taller value LED lanterns that are just as eye-catching as they are durable. Our 13.75” black plastic lantern includes a 4” indoor/outdoor resin candle with flicker LED and four hour timer function. This model is perfect when you are looking for something that will work again and again. The battery offers 1,000 hours of life so you can keep the party glowing. This model includes open sides with an arched top and peaked roof that is reminiscent of a church steeple!

Our LED lantern collection also offers in between sizes that are just as beautiful and functional. Our open roof black plastic lantern stands 11.8” tall and includes a square base with gaps in the roof for a more modern appearance. A hoop is included for hanging along with a 3” indoor/outdoor resin candle in bisque. Just set the five hour timer days in advance so you can let your lights automatically turn on when the big day arrives! Time saving features are a wonderful way to reduce stress when planning a wedding, party or dinner.

Each lantern you order is crafted using high quality materials to ensure consistency no matter how many you need to buy. Many even include the necessary batteries required to operate so you don’t have to make a special trip to the store or order extra accessories beforehand. While black is a common color choice, our value LED lantern collection also includes rich bronze finishes as well as intricate styles like our breathtaking diamond outdoor lanterns. These beautiful luminaries are perfect whether you’re hosting a small party of friends or a big wedding that will include everyone you know! 

This collection also showcases the value of flameless candles, which are reliable and never create fire hazards like their wax cousins. Just turn them on or set the timer and your candle will light up without the use of an open flame. That means no smoke, no heat and no melted wax. Explore our value LED lantern collection now to find the perfect accent lighting for your venue!

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